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Minor in Advertising

The minor in advertising offers an overview of the social, economic, legal and marketing environments in which advertising functions.

Students interested in pursuing a minor in advertising are NOT required to complete the admission application.

To declare a minor in advertising, students must first complete ADV 1300, plus at least two of ADV 1321, 1331 or 1341 (or MKTG 3340) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 in these three courses. Students must have a declared major before they can declare a minor in advertising.

If you meet the requirements to declare advertising as a minor, email the Temerlin Advertising Institute at to request next steps.

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Requirements for the Minor Credit Hours

Required Advertising Courses:

  • ADV 1300 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 1321 Introduction to Creativity
  • ADV 1331 Digital Media Landscapes
  • ADV 1341 (or MKTG 3340) Marketing Principles of Advertising
  • ADV 2301 (or MKTG 3343) Consumer Behavior
  • ADV 2302 Advertising, Society, and Ethics

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B.A. in Advertising - Creative Specialization

B.A. in Advertising – Digital Media Strategy

B.A. in Advertising - Strategic Brand Management Specialization

Minor in Advertising

Minor in Graphic Design

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