Meadows Admission Ambassadors

The Meadows Admission Ambassadors represent the incredibly talented, intelligent, and passionate undergraduate student body of Meadows. You’ll meet them during the Meadows Information Session and Tour, on a student panel, working in our office, or running around campus. They love connecting with prospective students and helping them discover their place in Meadows. Have a question for one of our ambassadors? Address an email to them at

Mary Rose Campos

Mary Rose Campos ‘23

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Major: Dance BFA
Minors: Musical Theatre and Arts Entrepreneurship 
Favorite thing about Meadows: The faculty and people who surround you in Meadows!


Will Emmert ‘25

Hometown: Arlington, Texas
Major: Vocal Performance BM
Minors: Arts Management and Music Industry Practices
Favorite Thing About Meadows: I love how Meadows feels like a family complete with supportive faculty, talented students who challenge me, and an emphasis on collaboration.


Rhett Goldman ‘24

Hometown: Carthage, Texas
Majors: Theatre BFA, Theatre Studies Track and Film BA
Favorite thing about Meadows: The community and environment! Everyone is always doing something and working together to create art. The faculty is amazing and there's just no other environment like it.


Bailey Hacker ‘23

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Theatre BFA, Theatre Studies Track
Arts Entrepreneurship
Favorite thing about Meadows:
The faculty. It is the most incredible feeling to have people in your life who are on your side and so intentional in making sure we get the best possible guidance and training in our field of study. They encourage and celebrate us, bringing our full self to the work.


Princess Ebinipiri Igwe-Icho ‘25

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Majors: Political Science BA, Human Rights BA, Corporate Communication & Public Affairs BA, and Philosophy BA
Minors: Women & Gender Studies, Law & Legal Reasoning, and Public Policy & International Affairs
Favorite Thing About Meadows: I love all the unique and diverse students and the professors who focus more on the basis of learning than on the grade. This creates a pathway for us to be more critical of each other/ourselves than the letter system imposed on schools.  


Aysia Lane ‘23

Hometown: Plano, Texas
Majors: Journalism BA and Film BA
Minor: Arts Entrepreneurship 
Favorite thing about Meadows: I deeply enjoy how passionate my peers are about their art. It's easy to be and stay inspired in a place like Meadows.


Nicholas Lemon ‘24

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Music Education BM
Favorite thing about Meadows: The network of musicians and professionals. Since attending Meadows, I have played as many concerts outside of school as in school because of the connections I make with professors and other students.


Chase McGrath ‘23

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Dance BFA
Minor: Applied Physiology
Favorite thing about Meadows: I love being able to find people of all artistic majors casually walking around the building and being able to make friends and find artistic collaborators so easily.


Belleza Mitchell ‘23

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Majors: Dance BFA & Applied Physiology and Health Management BS
Favorite thing about Meadows: The welcoming atmosphere and sense of community!


Caleb Mosley ‘24

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Theatre BFA, Acting Track
Minor: Arts Entrepreneurship
Favorite thing about Meadows: Having professors who work professionally in the field in which they teach.


Andreina Rodriguez ‘24

Hometown: Frisco, Texas
Majors: Studio Art BFA and Education BS
Favorite thing about Meadows: The community. Everyone I have met is incredibly welcoming and friendly. You meet a lot of amazing people from all kinds of majors!

Asher Ross

Asher Ross ‘24

Major: Theatre BFA, Acting Track
Minor: Arts Management
Favorite thing about Meadows: I love the people (the students, the professors, and the staff). Meadows is a safe place to push yourself and take creative risks, explore vulnerability, and be honest around others who are working with the same ferocity and passion.


Margeaux Scholz ‘23

Hometown: Whidbey Island, Washington
Majors: Theatre BFA, Acting Track and International Studies BA
Favorite thing about Meadows: The faculty! It’s why I chose Meadows. Each year, the faculty push me to be a better artist.


Holli Selmon ‘25

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Majors: Music Education BM and Voice Performance BM
Favorite thing about Meadows: The amazing faculty. We have such talented professors who are not only wonderful mentors in our artistic abilities but also in other aspects of our lives as well.


Melody Tang ‘25

Hometown: Plano, Texas
Majors: Percussion Performance BM
Minors: Songwriting, Music Industry Practices, and Arts Entrepreneurship
Favorite thing about SMU: Tight knit student-faculty relationships, opportunities to perform with talented artists all the time, and the snacks from the POD!


Crystal Tigney ‘23

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Majors/Minors: Theatre BFA, Acting Track
Favorite thing about Meadows: Our amazing faculty and the ability to create with my friends outside of class!

Peter Warner

Peter Warner ‘23

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Major: Journalism BA, with a Specialization in Sports Journalism
Minor: Applied Physiology and Sports Management
Favorite thing about Meadows: Working with the faculty member and friends I’ve made and on SMU TV!