Meadows Admission Ambassadors

The Meadows Admission Ambassadors represent the incredibly talented, intelligent, and passionate undergraduate student body of Meadows. You’ll meet them during the Meadows Information Session and Tour, on a student panel, working in our office, or running around campus. They love connecting with prospective students and helping them discover their place in Meadows. Have a question for one of our ambassadors? Address an email to them at


Abi Brittle

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Theatre B.F.A. (Theatre Studies Track)
Minor: Journalism 
Favorite thing about Meadows: It’s the hub for artistic appreciation on campus. It’s nice to walk into Meadows and start to see and feel the energy of fellow creatives. This building is always alive, whether with music, movement, or just lively conversation.


Aliyah Book

Hometown: Allen, TX
Majors: Performance B.M. (Saxophone) and Music Education B.M.
Favorite thing about Meadows: The attitude and culture! Meadows is truly a hub of self-improvement and dedication. The faculty here are committed to creating an environment focused on supporting the students' artistic wants and needs as they progress. Undoubtedly, my peers are some of the most hardworking people I know, and I am constantly dazzled and inspired by them every day.


Na'Ni Caliste

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Major: Theatre B.F.A. (Acting Track)
Minor: Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Favorite thing about Meadows: I value the sense of community, the number of shows (specifically theater, dance, and music), and support from professors and staff.


Siya Darby

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Major: Dance Performance B.F.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: The amount of love and passion for the arts that lies in the building. Everyone in Meadows genuinely loves what they do, and you feel that positivity every day


Virgina Dean

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Art B.F.A. and Spanish B.A.
Business and Art History 
Favorite thing about Meadows:
The array of interests that unite the community. Nothing is as welcoming as walking through the beautiful front doors of the Owens Arts Center and being greeted by dance practices or music rehearsals. Nothing is as thrilling as walking to the café or library and chatting with those with entirely different artistic pursuits. Lastly, nothing is quite as personal as studying the arts alongside others in your division who hold similar passions that branch and inspire niches.


Will Emmert

Hometown: Arlington, TX
Major: Voice Performance B.M.
Minors: Arts and Nonprofit Leadership
Favorite Thing About Meadows: Mikaela Brooks, the Meadows Admission Coordinator (but also I love how the community feels like a family with supportive faculty and the feeling of not being just another student, but rather a member of that family).


Rhett Goldman

Hometown: Carthage, TX
Majors: Theatre B.F.A. (Theatre Studies Track) and Film & Media Studies B.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: My favorite thing about Meadows is the community and environment – everyone is always doing something and working together to create art. The faculty is amazing and there's just no other environment like it.


Kaitlyn Gonzales

Hometown: Sunnyvale, TX
Art B.F.A. and Corporate Communication and Public Affairs B.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: 
I appreciate the amount of dedication every faculty member gives in order for us students to make the most of our time here. Plus, the environment within Meadows is beyond a positive and awe-inspiring, I felt welcomed the second I walked in!


M’shiari Gonzales

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 
Major: Dance Performance B.F.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: Meadows feels like home! It is truly the safest space you could ever step into as an artist. The community that you immediately inherit in the building, and even outside of it, will be your biggest cheerleaders every single time! 


Theo Howard

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Majors: Voice Performance B.M. and Music Education B.M.
Minors: German and Women and Gender Studies 
Favorite thing about Meadows: I love being able to make lifelong connections with both faculty and my peers, as well as the opportunity to be exposed to all divisions of art!


Sophie Kim

Hometown: Georgetown, TX
Major: Studio Art B.A.
My favorite thing about Meadows: Getting to work with so many talented students and faculty every day who inspire me and teach me about different mediums, learning techniques and ways of thinking.


Caleb Mosley

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Theatre B.F.A. (Acting Track)
Minor: Arts Entrepreneurship
Favorite thing about Meadows: Most of the professors still work professionally in the area in which they teach.


Noah Ochieng

Hometown: Arlington, TX
Major: Music Education B.M. and Voice Performance B.M.
Favorite thing about Meadows: I know it's cliche, but I love the Meadows community! The friends, faculty and staff that I've gotten to know both in music and in other departments have made my SMU experience so magical. It is so inspiring to learn and grow with fellow artists who are passionate about their craft!


Zariyah Perry

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Film & Media Arts B.F.A.
Minor: Psychology
Favorite thing about Meadows:The community! From the moment you become a part of Meadows, there are people in your corner that want to see you shine.


Catherine Ramsey

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Music Performance B.M. (Harp) and French Studies B.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: The community! I love collaborating with students of all ages and programs through our music ensembles and getting the chance to bond with other members of my studio through Meadows events.


Andreina Rodriguez

Hometown: Frisco, TX
Majors: Studio Art and Education
Favorite thing about Meadows: My favorite thing about Meadows is the community. Everyone I have met is incredibly welcoming and friendly. You meet a lot of amazing people from all kinds of majors!

Asher Ross

Asher Ross

Major: Theatre B.F.A. (Acting Track)
Minor: Arts Management
Favorite thing about Meadows: I love the people (the students, the professors and the staff). Meadows is a safe place to push yourself and take creative risks, explore vulnerability, and be honest around others who are working with the same ferocity and passion.


Holli Selmon

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Majors: Music Education B.M. and Voice Performance B.M.
Favorite thing about Meadows: My favorite thing about Meadows is the amazing faculty. We have such talented professors who are not only wonderful mentors in our artistic abilities but in other aspects of our lives as well. 


Mia Sherrod

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Major: Dance Performance B.F.A. and Marketing B.B.A.
Favorite thing about Meadows: The environment and the community we are able to create within Meadows. Being able to connect with other artists and to freely be yourself is such an amazing thing, and Meadows is the perfect place for being who you want to be.


Melody Tang

Hometown: Plano, TX
Majors: Music Performance B.M. (Percussion)
Minors: Songwriting, Music Industry Practices, and Arts Entrepreneurship 
Favorite thing about Meadows: Tight knit student-faculty relationships, opportunities to perform with talented artists all the time and the snacks from the POD (Provisions on Demand).


Hannah White

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Journalism B.A.
Minor: Advertising
Favorite thing about Meadows: The feeling of community with the people, faculty, and staff. Meadows is very inviting and draws people together creating a wonderful environment I've gotten to experience so far.