Development and External Affairs

Development and External Affairs

Staff List


Office of the Vice President

Brad Cheves, Vice President for Development and External Affairs
Heather Shaw, Assistant to the Vice President for Leadership Projects
Michele Andrews, Senior External Relations Specialist
Martha Mendez, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Cchea Nugent, DEA Project and Process Specialist
Bonnie Bazley, Campaign Process and Volunteer Specialist


Strategic Affairs
Robert Bucker, Assistant to the Vice President for Strategic Affairs
Constantine Harrison, Special Projects Associate, Strategic Affairs
Michael Clarke, Director of International Development and Relations
Michelle Baehl, Director of DEA Staff Development


Annual Giving and Alumni Relations

Astria Smith, Senior Executive Director
Jodi Mosley, Coordinator
Cheryl Williams, Data Analyst

Alumni Relations and Engagement
Vacant, Director - (Mary Margaret Rangel, ad interim Director)
Mary Margaret Rangel, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Vacant, Assistant Director, Volunteer Management
Lauren Stotler, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Mindy Rowland-Hess, Associate Director, Alumni Programs
Chris Murphy, Administrative Assistant

Leadership and Affinity Giving
Erin Jines, Director
Felicia Clay, Advancement Associate
Arlene Manthey, Leadership Gifts Officer
Andrew Sherwood, Leadership Gifts Officer
Angela Bardis, Leadership Gifts Officer
Vacant, Leadership Gifts Officer

Leadership Giving Programs
Matthew Hunt, Director
Joseph Howe, Leadership Programs Officer
Liz Hernandez, Leadership Programs Officer
Vacant, Class Ambassador Coordinator
Katie Kraemer, Events Coordinator

Direct Marketing
Alex Stoops, Director
Allison Stoker, Assistant Director of Direct Marketing
Vacant, Assistant Director of Direct Marketing and Telemarketing
Bethany Rials, Assistant Director of Direct Marketing and Stewardship

Development Services

Charles Headley, Senior Executive Director
Brennan Hadden, Senior Development Systems Consultant
Rene Reid, Manager of Customer Engagement

Development Management Systems
Charles Gunderson, Director
Joseph Good, Team Lead Applications Development
Chris Schwartz, Senior Developer
Willem Vandenberg, Senior Developer
Ashley Tomberlin, Associate Developer
David Gianadda, Business System Analyst
Scott Ruff, Business System Analyst

Prospect Development
Sarah Daly, Director
Matthew Farrow, Assistant Director of Prospect Management
Amie Jennings, Assistant Director of Development Research
Alexus Selio, Advancement Researcher
Rachelle Ficke, Advancement Researcher
Janey Rodriguez, Researcher for Special Projects

Records and Gift Administration
Austin Westervelt-Lutz, Director
Rebecca Sabin, Business Systems Analyst

Gift Administration
Maryann Snyder, Associate Director of Gift Processing
Cindy Smith, Senior Gift Specialist
Maria Cheesar, Gift Specialist
Britt Guild, Gift Specialist
Vacant, Gift Specialist
Jared Calkins, Assistant Director of Financial Controls

Constituent Records
Diane Kucera, Associate Director
Janet Asberry, Data Integration Specialist
Alex Estrada, Senior Records Specialist
Roberta Martin, Senior Records Specialist
Javoni Henderson, Records Specialist
Sara Rankin, Records Specialist
Dianna Zaragoza, Records Specialist


Principal and Major Gifts

Blake Davis, Assistant Vice President for Principal and Major Gifts
Vacant, Assistant to the Assistant Vice President for Principal and Major Gifts 

Corporate and Foundation Relations
Rob Strauss, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Ryan Mahoney, Grant Writer

Gift Planning
Marianne Piepenburg, Senior Executive Director
Renee Bowen, Coordinator
John Spaulding, Assistant Director of Gift Planning

Major Gifts
Marcos Moore, Director
Lori Atkinson, Major Gifts Officer
Justin Rourk, Major Gifts Officer
Vacant, Major Gifts Officer
Vacant, Major Gifts Officer
Vacant, Major Gifts Officer
Vacant, Major Gifts Officer
Gina Bratcher, Coordinator
Sabrina Taylor, Advancement Associate
Vacant, Advancement Associate


Program Services and Donor Relations

Dana Ayres, Senior Executive Director

Program Services and Tate Lecture Series
Erin Sutton, Associate Director of Program Services
Carla Scott Jones, Coordinator
Vacant, Administrative Assistant
Vacant, Communications Specialist
Sally Garber, Administrative Assistant for the Tate Lecture Series
Jeff Lockhart, Associate Director of Program Services
Vacant, Tate Lecture Series Coordinator
Alex Polanchyck, Administrative Assistant
John Saltzgiver, Coordinator

Donor Relations and Stewardship
Rachel Kimball, Director
Carey Garrett, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, Stewardship
Vacant, Stewardship Communications Manager
Liz Foster, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, Endowment Manager
Tessa Schreiner, Assistant Director of Donor Relations, Scholarship Stewardship
Jill Rogers, Donor Relations Specialist


Marketing and Communications

Regina Moldovan, Assistant Vice President
Jenna Doran, Marketing Associate

Creative Marketing
Vacant, Executive Director
Vicki Olvera, Creative Director
Gabi Pineda, Designer
Deborah Beason, Production Designer
Alexis Olajay, Production Designer
Patricia Ward, Lead Writer/Editor
Susan White, Senior Writer/Editor
Bindu Varghese, Writer
Vacant, Copy Editor
Cherri Gann, Development Writer

Media and Community Relations
Kim Cobb, Director
Desiree Dillon, Associate Director, Community Engagement
Nancy George, Senior Media Relations Manager
Monifa Thomas-Nguyen, Media Relations Manager, Science and Technology
Stephen Fasoro, Media Relations Manager 
Bob Ehlert, Commentary Editor

Neil Robinson, Executive Director
Lisa Barnes, Director, Project Management
Laura Graham, Director, Photo and Video
Hillsman Jackson, Senior Photographer
Myles Taylor, Senior Videographer
Allison Slomowitz, Production Photographer
Katy Scott, Director, Project Management
Jesse Hopkins, Analytics Manager

University Communications
Dianne Mathis, Director of Strategic Communications
Elaine Gantz Wright, Associate Director, University Communications

Social Media
Alex Cerda, Director
Kathy Tibbetts, Social Media Manager
Samantha Navarro, Social Media Manager

Digital Marketing
Dale Carter, Director
Bill Robinson, Web Developer
Cresencio Cantu, Web Developer
Gary O'Berg, Digital Marketing Associate
Nathan Briguglio, Front End Web Designer


School and Project Development

Paula Voyles, Assistant Vice President
Kristina Peck, Assistant to the Assistant Vice President for School and Project Development
Vacant, Director of Development for University Projects

Athletics Development
Matthew Peters, Senior Associate Athletics Director of Development
Vacant, Coordinator
Bob Sharp, Director of Major Gifts
Danika Rortvedt, Operations Manager for Athletics Development
Vacant, Athletics Development Coordinator
Bintu Njie, Operations Coordinator for Athletics Development
Joshua Whittenburg, Director of Annual Giving for Athletics
Lauren Middleton, Associate Director of Athletics Development
Mitchell Gall, Assistant Director of Athletics Giving

School Development

Cox School of Business
Ashley Pitts, Director of Development
Jessica Martinez, Advancement Associate

Dedman College
Mary Lynn Amoyo, Director of Development
Ryan Garrett, Advancement Associate

Dedman School of Law
Anne Beard, Director of Development
Vacant, Advancement Associate

Lyle School of Engineering
Ann Fielder, Director of Development
Cathy Geist, Advancement Associate

Meadows School of the Arts
Jessica Garner, Director of Development
Jennifer Shoemaker, Advancement Associate

Perkins School of Theology
John Martin, Director of Development
Christina Rhodes, Advancement Associate

Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Patti Addington, Director of Development
Estelle Hernandez, Advancement Associate


Shared Services

Susan Morrison, Financial Officer for DEA
Jackie Collins, Accounts Payable Representative for DEA
Frank McNeny, Accounts Payable Liaison for DEA


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