In some instances, it may be appropriate to secure a building/classroom when there is information indicating an imminent threat from an armed or dangerous person(s) within the area. Whenever possible, the building should be secured; however, the main exterior level may not be able to quickly be secured. You should be prepared to secure the next interior level such as an office suite, classroom, or other space.

Lockdown procedures should be followed until an All Clear is provided by police officials, or SMU Alert.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and notice signs of danger in your area; you may have more time to react if you notice danger early.
  • If you are in a building, always notice the nearest exits.
  • If you are outside, always notice where you may conceal yourself or block yourself from the danger of a shooter.
  • Utilize the locking the device to secure the space; if the space cannot be locked, try to barricade or block the door with heavy objects or furniture,
  • Turn off the lights and all noise producing devices,
  • Stay silent,
  • Spread out,
  • Call SMU PD at 214-768-3333 if you can do so without alerting the intruder.