Safety App

SMU LiveSafe is free mobile app available through the App Store or Google Play. The University and Student Senate partnered with LiveSafe to provide members of the SMU community access to an easy-to-use mobile app that links users to campus safety resources.


App Download



Share Info

When you see something suspicious, share that intel with SMU’s Police Department.

Access Information and Emergency Procedures

View important information from SMU, like emergency procedures and community resources.


Invite friends to virtually walk you to your destination.

Request Help

Communicate with local emergency services and SMU’s Police Department – no matter where you are. 

Safety App FAQ

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Download “LiveSafe” from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Register with your mobile number or SMU email
  3. Search for & select “Southern Methodist University”
  4. Add the “Dallas – Southern Methodist University” campus
  5. Enter your SMU SSO username and password
  6. Update your profile to include your mobile number if not used in step 2

The app is an additional safety resource that allows you to contact SMU Police or 911, submit a non-emergency tip to SMU Police, invite friends or family to join you on a virtual SafeWalk and access other campus safety resources and procedures.

Your location is shared when you are doing a SafeWalk and invite friends or family to see your location. Your general location will be shared when you submit a tip or call SMU Police through the app. You can submit a tip anonymously, and it will not include your phone’s exact location.

Tips are reported to SMU Police. After submitting a tip, you will receive an automatic reply indicating it was received and will be reviewed. SMU Police monitor tips submitted through the app 24/7 and can engage in two-way chats with users to obtain more information.

If a call to SMU Police is initiated through the app, but not completed, SMU Police will still receive notice and attempt to message you to confirm you are safe.

Common tips reported to campus law enforcement through the app include illegal activity, suspicious behavior, or mental and physical health concerns. The LiveSafe app is just one additional way to report troubling behavior. Students can continue to report concerns to faculty, RLSH staff, and other Student Affairs professionals. Employees can contact Human Resources.

Emergency messages and calls to SMU Police submitted through the app are received by SMU Police.