Donating to the Feral Cat Program

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Feral Cat Program!

Funded by the Office of the President, the Summerlee Foundation and donations, the program is supplied with food for the cats, veterinary service for spay/neutering and vaccinations, shelters and feeding stations. 


Cash gifts are accepted by Mary Tays
Budget and Finance Office

Mary Tays
Budget and Finance Office
PO Box 750297
Dallas TX 75075-0297

Checks should be made out to SMU with Feral Cat Program specified on the notation line.

All proceeds benefit the cats directly, for supplies and emergency veterinary care.

Donation Gift Cards

To commemorate a birthday or holiday, make a donation to the Feral Cat Program and we will deliver an acknowledgement card to the recipient!

Contact the feral cat program at

Other Donations

Occasionally there are in-kind donations we can accept and use for our cats, such as cat food, litter, carriers, gift cards and kennels. If you have something you would like to donate please contact us through And thank you!