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Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service

Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service, is now available to use on campus. This eLearning tool provides easy-to-use, high-definition video/audio conferencing to faculty and students on almost any device.

Get Started

Log In

  1. Click the Login button above.
  2. At the welcome screen, click the “CONTINUE” button to log in using Single Sign-On. If you are currently logged into another system using Single Sign-On, you will be automatically logged in and directed to Zoom.
  3. If you are not logged in to a system using Single Sign-On, login with your SMU ID and your SMU Password. You will then be directed to Zoom.

Test Connection

If you have not installed or used Zoom before, try joining this test meeting to install the Zoom client and test your speakers and microphone.

Joining a Zoom Meeting Not Affiliated with SMU?

If you are joining a meeting as someone not affiliated with the University, download the Zoom client here for your convenience. You may also use Zoom through your web browser.

Schedule Zoom Practice

If you would like to practice leading a Zoom session with students, we can help with that!

Fill out the Zoom Practice Request form, and one of our technology students will be in touch! The students can join your session and provide help as needed as you try out different aspects of Zoom, such as sharing your screen.

Zoom Webinar Licensing

Our campus license does not include Zoom Webinar.  Webinar licenses can be purchased by a department for an annual fee based on the number of attendees expected.  The license is associated with a specific user account.  So a department may need multiple licenses if they will have multiple coordinators. 

To request a license, email help@smu.edu with the following information:  user ID number who will be the webinar host, org number for charges, and the type of license you need.

Seats; Annual Cost
 Webinar 500
 Webinar 1,000
 Webinar 3,000
 Webinar 5,000
 Webinar 10,000