Institutional Technology Purchases for SMU

Hardware Purchases

For questions or quotes, simply email

The Financial Officers have designated a list of approved purchasers. These individuals have access to a set of ordering forms located at These forms generate a workflow process for the ordering and installation of the device.

Software Purchases

For Microsoft or Adobe products that are not included in our site agreement, please email

Work At Home Software

Employees may obtain the Office and Adobe Creative Cloud suite for use on their home computers through our work-at-home agreement. These applications must be removed from your personal devices if you leave the University or are no longer a full-time faculty or staff member.

  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications can be obtaine through the Microsoft 365 portal and installed on up to 10 devices. The suite is available at
  • Adobe Creatvie Cloud: Adobe Creative Cloud applications may be installed on two devices, your work computer and an at home device. The suite is available at
  • Mathematica (View Details)
  • SAS and SAS JMP (View Details)