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Quality Matters (QM)

Adhering to the highest possible standards in online education.

Quality Matters (QM)

The University is committed to adhering to the highest possible standards in online education—just as we do on our physical campuses.

That means ensuring that every course SMU offers provides value to our students. We do this by delivering content and assessment in ways that fit the medium and enhances student learning. Plus, we provide our faculty with the tools to help them assess and fine-tune their online classes.

Why Quality Matters?


The University has chosen the Quality Matters Rubric  to help ensure we meet our goals in online instruction.

Quality Matters is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered quality assurance process for online and blended courses. Its peer-based approach to continuous improvement in online education and student learning enables us to create and deliver online courses that Southern Methodist University can be proud to offer. 

Quality Matters and You

The Quality Matters tools can support you through every stage of the course planning, design, delivery, and evaluation process.

You can take advantage of a wide range of tools, including:

  • Rubrics for applying quality standards to course design
  • Professional development workshops and certification courses for instructors and online learning professionals
  • Faculty-centered, continuous improvement models for assuring the quality of online courses through peer review 

Quality Matters Courses

You can take a basic Quality Matters course to take your online courses to the next level. The course teaches you how to use Quality Matters principles in course design. If you are interested, please contact the QM Coordinator about opportunities. 

Interested in Quality Matters?

Our QM specialists can help evaluate your technology needs and identify the appropriate solution. Request a consultation today.