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Pope Tech

Accessibility Checker for Canvas Courses

Pope Tech Accessibility Checker

Pope Tech is an integrated platform within Canvas that checks and assists with finding and resolving accessibility issues in your courses.

Why is accessibility important?

Web accessibility is crucial when developing online courses as it ensures that all individuals, regardless of disabilities or limitations, can access and benefit from the content equally. By incorporating accessible design principles, such as providing alternative text for images, captioning videos, using clear and consistent navigation, and accommodating assistive technologies like screen readers, online courses become inclusive learning environments. This inclusivity allows individuals with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments to engage with course materials effectively, fostering equal opportunities for learning and promoting diversity within the educational landscape. Ultimately, prioritizing web accessibility in online courses creates a more inclusive, equitable, and enriching learning experience for all learners.

Getting Started

An example of the Pope Tech button in the Canvas Rich Text Editor.Pope Tech can be found in your editor when working on assignments, pages, discussion posts, and many other types on content in your course. Look for the Pope Tech logo near Save/Publish buttons to open the accessibility checker.

To access a dashboard with all of your courses visible, click the Pope Tech Accessibility link in your course navigation menu.

A screenshot of the Pope Tech Accessibility link in Canvas.

Detailed documentation and how-to videos are available on Pope Tech's website.

Introductory Video