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Inventory & Software Management

Powered by Ivanti

logoIvanti is a client management application that provides OIT the ability to manage thousands of SMU computers. Each computer is installed with the Ivanti agent.

This agent provides the following functionality:

  • Electronic inventory of hardware and software
  • Patch Management reporting and remediation
  • Software delivery
  • Remote Control Access initiated by the customer

Electronic Inventory

The Ivanti agent sends inventory information to the server on a regular basis. The data collected is simply all software and hardware information pertaining to the computer, and ensures compliance of software licensing for SMU devices. It does not capture any personal data or any information contained in documents or non program files. This electronic inventory is used to allocate technology funding for the care and maintenance of machines.

Patch Management

All campus systems are configured for patch management through Ivanti. Patches are released monthly to devices on campus and may require reboots to complete the patch cycle.  Ivanti also provides additional patch management for other third-party applications such as Adobe.

Software Delivery

Software applications can be packaged for electronic delivery to computers through Ivanti. Once a license is ordered, the software package can be sent over the network to the machine for immediate installation.

Remote Control Access

Ivanti offers remote control support functionality. This allows a customer to initiate or approve shared control of a computer with a support technician. Support personnel can not connect to the machine without the customer's approval. The remote control session allows both the customer and the technician to interact and share control of the mouse, keyboard and screen to resolve incidents and provide training.

Ivanti Installation

The Ivanti agent is installed on all computers through the standard load and through domain policies. However, if an SMU machine needs the agent or for any issues related to the Ivanti agent, contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.