Kaptivo Whiteboard

The Kaptivo whiteboard camera allows you to write on an existing whiteboard as you normally do with dry-erase markers.  The whiteboard can be viewed in real time via a web browser.  The camera only captures and displays the information written on the surface (not the hands or body of the person at the board).  As you erase the content, the old content is saved in that session allowing you to return to previous whiteboard content.  At the end of your session, your whiteboard content can be emailed as PDF files.

  1. Launch a browser window and go to kaptivo.live
  2. Enter your name and the Camera ID. This will be posted in the room.
  3. Click View board
  4. Press the Start button on the Kaptivo puck. If the kaptivo is in a previous session:
    1. Hit the button on the Kaptivo puck to end that session.
    2. Hit it again to initiate the new session.

    Tip: Click Share Session link and copy the link ID to the chat window in Zoom. This will allow remote participants to view the whiteboard directly from their browser window.

  5. At the end of your class, click End or tap the button on the Kaptivo puck.