Appropriate Use

The blog server may be used to host blogs at*blogName* for the following purposes:

Faculty Academic Needs These blogs will have URLs based on the faculty member's SMU email address. For example, a faculty member with email may have a blog at
Courses The blog's URL will contain a clear reference to the class.
Official/Department use Must be requested, owned, and managed by an SMU department for official university business purposes. URL naming must be based on the department name or the blog's intended use. If the URL does not contain the department name, the association with the department must be clearly stated on the blog.

All existing acceptable use policies also apply to the blog server where they don't conflict with the above. Reference Computing and Communications Acceptable Use Policy and web appropriate use policies.

These are probably not appropriate uses for the blog system:

Discussion Forum While visitors can post comments on a blog entry, if allowed, the discussion may be lost under the original post. The blog system is not a threaded forum system, and its comment system was not designed to facilitate detailed discussions. The discussion feature in Canvas may be a more suitable solution.
Documentation Documentation needs regular updating. Wiki.SMU would be a better solution.
General Websites General websites belong on
Dynamic Content Blogs normally display relatively fixed content. Once a blog post is created, it generally is not updated.