my.SMU Accounts

Parents or Authorized Persons of SMU students may have an account setup for them to review specific details about their student’s information in my.SMU.  This information may include Class Schedules, Grades, Account Summary Information, Financial Aid information, etc. The permissions to view this information are provided by the student and result in the parent/authorized person having their own account to login to my.SMU. The username is an 8 digit ID number and the parent or authorized person will need to set a password for their account. Passwords can be set at using a PIN number provided by the student that requested the account. This account logs into my.SMU only, it does not log into the payment system used to make online payments.


Passwords for my.SMU accounts expire every 365 days. If you are experiencing trouble with your password you can go to our password tool at and try changing your password. 

It is highly recommended that you enroll in the Password Reset Tool to setup security questions for your account. In the event that you forget your password or your account gets locked out you can answer the security questions and reset your password online.

Additional assistance for my.SMU account passwords can be obtained by calling the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP (4357).

Please Note:
 We cannot send password information via email for security reasons.

Parents or Authorized Persons are not able to make changes to student’s accounts such as purchase or change Campus Essentials for students or Waive Insurance for a student.  These need to be handled by the student themselves.

SMUpay Accounts

Payments are not made within my.SMU. There is a link from within my.SMU to our Bursar Webpay site, where payments can be made as a Guest Payer or an Authorized Payer using SMUpay.

  1. Payments can be made using the Guest Payer option found on the Bursar’s Webpay page. Here the person making the payment needs to know the balance due and if that balance is on the Student Account or Miscellaneous Account. The details of what is due can be found within my.SMU Account Summary details. Guest Payers can choose to use an Electronic Bank Draft or a Credit Card (there is a convenience fee for the credit cards).
  2. Payments can be made and bills can be viewed if a person logs in to SMUpay as an Authorized Payer.  An Authorized payer can be setup by the student and the information on how to login will be provided via email. Authorized Payer accounts are usually Alphanumeric (not the same as the 8 Digit ID# used to log into my.SMU). Once setup as an Authorized Payer, a person can login to SMUpay from the Bursar’s Webpage. Here they will be able to view bills and make payments. If you cannot remember the login credentials for SMUpay, there are links on the SMUpay login page for Forgot Username and Forgot Password.

SMU Monthly Payment Plan Options

SMU offers several monthly payment plans. Please refer to Payment Plan Options on the Bursar’s Office website for detailed information