Employee Accounts

Requesting an Account

For faculty and staff, an SMU account is created automatically when an employee's job data is active in my.SMU.  All account passwords are set online at smu.edu/activate.

During the initial account creation process, each employee is granted the following:

  • SMU password for logging on to the various resources
  • SMU Email address
  • Membership on either the faculty or staff bulk mailing lists
  • U drive network storage space
  • Personal Box storage
  • Employee self-service account in my.SMU (ability to see paycheck and benefits)
  • Faculty self service accounts in my.SMU (for faculty only-- to view class rosters and grades)

Additional access can be requested through the Online Support Center after the account has been created:

  • Administrative access to my.SMU, SMU Financials or SMU Budgets
  • Access to AdminImages
  • Network drive (V, T, Q, departmental Box space, etc)
  • Website editing permissions  

Sponsored Accounts

A full time benefit eligible employee may request a sponsored account for a vendor, contractor or guest via Online Support Center.  Once the account has been created, the sponsor will be notified via email and a PIN will be provided for the new account.  This PIN can then used by the sponsored account holder to activate the account at smu.edu/activate.  

Requesting Changes to an Account

Changes to an account including additional permissions or modifications to existing permissions must be requested by the supervisor via the Online Support Center.

Terminating Accounts

All employee accounts expire when the job data in my.SMU is no longer active, or when a sponsorship expires.  For temporary employees, this is when the PAF expires.  For Full Time Benefit Eligible employees, this is when HR enters their termination date in my.SMU. Supervisors can contact IT to verify that an employee account has been terminated. Retired faculty and staff are eligible to maintain their email accounts.