Student Technology Assistant in Residence

Assisting the SMU community in using technology for teaching & learning since 1998.

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For over 20 years, the Student Technology Assistant in Residence (STAR) Program has promoted the appropriate use of technology in teaching and learning at Southern Methodist University. We do this by recruiting and training students who are proficient in the use of technology to support the most common technological needs of the campus community.

Request a STAR Project

Request a STAR student to help with your project or course by opening a support ticket.

STAR students are available to work with faculty and departments on short-term instructional technology projects. Since the start of the program, STAR students have assisted faculty with hundreds of projects, such as:

  • Helping a faculty member develop course-related Web pages or sites
  • Converting class notes or handouts to PDF files
  • Creating graphics, charts, maps, or animations for a courses
  • Digitizing slides and images for a course
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation for your course
  • Helping a faculty member use Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks
  • Digitizing audio and video recordings for use on the Web
  • Converting analog materials to digital formats
  • Migrating static HTML pages to Sitecore
  • Filming and editing faculty instructional videos