Message from the SMU Student Senate

Message from the SMU Student Senate regarding the significance of our student-created Values Statement.

Our Fellow Mustangs,

In light of recent incidents on our campus and heightened tensions throughout our nation, the 103rd Student Senate would like to emphasize the significance of our student-created Values Statement: “I, as a citizen of the SMU community, commit myself to upholding the values of intellectual integrity, academic honesty, personal responsibility, and sincere regard and respect for all SMU students, faculty, and staff.” It is easy for these words to become a hollowed version of what they really mean when we have heard them so often on our campus, so please take a moment to reflect on them. When incidents occur that threaten the safety or dignity of our fellow community members, they may be marked as isolated occurrences, but in reality are much more than that. Incidents like these perpetuate a culture that we refuse to accept on our campus: the degradation of our fellow students and the undermining of their safety and security.

A sincere regard and respect for fellow community members doesn’t only mean not engaging in activities that threaten the well-being of our fellow students, but also not allowing those we surround ourselves with to partake in these events. Because these incidents often leave perpetrators faceless, we must all do our part in promoting a campus culture that allows every SMU student to feel safe. We ask that you be unafraid to confront one another when something is said or done that may be fueled with prejudice or misled judgment. We also ask that “if you see something, say something.” Do not hesitate to call SMU PD at 214-768-3333 at any time 24/7 if you experience or witness an incident that violates the law or university policy. You may also make a call or submit a form anonymously through

Now more than ever, our community needs to join in fellowship together and embrace all of the differences that make us great. In honor of this notion, the Student Senate is sponsoring two events designed to alleviate tension and promote inclusivity. The first will be a tabling event held this Wednesday at the flagpole from 9 AM-4:30 PM to give you the opportunity to express your concerns and write letters to the university administration and your government representatives. On Friday, December 2nd at 8 PM in the Hughes-Trigg Ballroom, Student Senate and Sister’s Supporting Sisters have come together to present 2016’s Annual Pajama Jam. We will have an assortment of food, an air hockey table, classic arcade games, and an area for you to express your comments, suggestions, and concerns to your Student Senators. Come in your pajamas and get ready to enjoy good music, good company, and good food in what is sure to be a fun night.

 We are all united; we are all Mustangs. No matter your beliefs or political preferences, we are all human and every student on this campus deserves the best experience during their time here. While we all must accept and respect the results of our recent election, we cannot allow injustices to happen on our campus. It is critical that we continue to stand together in love and respect for our fellow man. If we do this, we will be a stronger campus and nation for it. We are world changers, and changing our world starts here.


SMU Student Senate logoRespectfully,
103rd Student Senate Executive Committee