Professor Eric Ruben provides commentary on self-defense law and the Second Amendment

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Eric Ruben

Eric Ruben

November 17, 2021; The Washington Post; "No, courts don’t treat the Second Amendment as a ‘second-class right’"

November 16, 2021; The National; "Rittenhouse and Arbery cases expose deep rifts on gun rights and vigilantism in US"

November 14, 2021; KCBS Radio, San Francisco; "The claim of self defense raising concerns in recent court cases"

November 13, 2021; The New York Times; "Can Self-Defense Laws Stand Up to a Country Awash in Guns?"

November 13, 2021; Denton Record-Chronicle; "Can self-defense laws stand up in a country awash in guns?"

November 12, 2021; WPIX 11, New York City; "Will more people get legal handguns in New York City?"

November 5, 2021; The New York Times; "What Happens if the Supreme Court Strike’s Down New York’s Gun Law"

November 5, 2021;; "Fears of Unlikely Federal Gun-Control Measures Lead to Raft of State Laws"

November 4, 2021; NPR Detroit (WDET):  Detroit Today; "U.S. Supreme Court Firearms Case Could Reshape Gun Control in America"

November 3, 2021; New York Daily News; “Supreme Court appears likely to shoot down New York gun law”

November 3, 2021; ABC News Live Prime ; “Supreme Court takes up gun rights case on New York’s permit law”

November 3, 2021; ABC News; “Gun owners ask Supreme Court to back concealed carry for self-defense”

November 3, 2021; FiveThirtyEight, filed under Supreme Court ; “How the Supreme Court Could Make It Easier to Carry Guns in Public”

November 3, 2021; Le Figaro ; “La Cour supreme des États-Unis examine un dossier majeur sur les armes à feu”

November 3, 2021; ABC 13 KTRK TV; News story on Gun Rights

November 3, 2021; VOA News; "U.S. Supreme Court to Hear High-Stakes Gun Rights Case"

November 3, 2021; The River, Hudson Valley Newsroom; "New York Is America’s Latest Battleground Over Gun Rights"

November 2, 2021; New York Daily News; "Supreme Court could nix New York gun law that limits right to carry guns in public"

November 2, 2021; Texas News Today; "U.S. Supreme Court Trialing High Stakes Gun Rights Proceedings"

October 31, 2021; Times Union; "Law Beat: Supreme Court ready for possible landmark gun case from Rensselaer County"

October 22, 2021; National Law Journal“’Originalists’ Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett Under Microscope in 2nd Amendment Case"

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October 6, 2021; The Conversation; “First major Second Amendment case before the Supreme Court in over a decade could topple gun restrictions”