Professor Dale Carpenter In the News

Dale Carpenter

Filed amicus brief supporting certiorari in 303 Creative LLC, et al. v. Elenis (No. 21-476) (

"What the Briefs in Jackson Women's Health Don't Say About Same-Sex Marriage," Volokh Conspiracy (Sept. 21, 2021) (

"There's no Constitutional Right to Interracial of Same-Sex Marriage, Says the Architect of the Texas Heartbeat Bill," Volokh Conspiracy (Sept. 22, 2021) (

November 1, 2021, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, SB8 oral argument in the Supreme Court ( and the Dallas Morning News regarding the same (

November 9, 2021; Texas Observer, "Unchecked and Unbalanced"

November 11, 2021, BBC, "Judge says Texas school mask mandate ban violates disabled student rights
November 16, 2021, FOX4 News, "Jobs for unvaccinated hospital workers in limbo as vaccine mandate lawsuits continue"