Faculty in the Media

Since 2015 our faculty has seen more than a 150% increase in citations by national media alone. Other SMU Law Faculty in the Media highlighted with a partial list.

Dale Carpenter
Judge William Hawley Atwell Chair of Constitutional Law and Professor of Law

Dallas Morning News, September 19, 2020, “‘Earth shattering.’ Texans react to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death”

Dallas Morning News, September 19, 2020, "In Texas: grief from Dems, tributes from GOP"

Texas Public Radio, November 2, 2020, Is It Time To Reshape The U.S. Supreme Court?

Spectrum News, November 7 and 8, 2020, “Legal disputes in election returns”

AP, December 8, 2020, “’A new movement’: Trump’s false claims take hold in states”

Dallas Morning News, December 8, 2020, “Texas AG Ken Paxton asks Supreme Court to overturn Trump’s defeat by negating 10M votes in four states”

Spectrum News, January 6, 7, and 13, 2021, “Impeachment and the 25th Amendment”

Washington Post, January 17, 2021, Made by History, Op-ed: “No, the Constitution does not allow President Trump to pardon himself”

NBC, January 20, “The Constitutional reason why president trump could not pardon himself”

Spectrum News, January 25, 2021, “Capital Tonight” show on impeachment

MSN Microsoft News, February 4, 2021, “Trump ‘singularly responsible’ for riots after aiming ‘loaded cannon’ at Capitol, impeachment managers say in brief”

Dallas Morning News, February 12, 2021, “Donald Trump has raised Constitutional questions that could be difficult to resolve”

Spectrum News, May 18, 2021, “U.S. Supreme Court to take up abortion case with implications for Texas ‘Heartbeat Bill’”

NBC News, May 22, 2021, “Life-without-parole sentences are exploding. But America's legal defense system hasn't kept pace”

Jennifer Collins
Judge James Noel Dean and Professor of Law

Houston Chronicle, October, 15, 2020, co-authored with Dean Leonard Baynes of the University of Houston Law Center, “Opinion: Black attorneys matter. We must diversify Texas law firms.”

Joanna Grossman
Ellen K. Solender Endowed Chair in Women and the Law and Professor of Law

Netflix and CNN, February 17, 2021, “'Amend' brings Will Smith's starry touch to the 14th Amendment's tumultuous history”

Bloomberg Law, March 24, 2021, “Equal Pay Lawsuits Persist as Bills, Policy Plans Target Gaps”

Texas Standard, May 18, 2021, “How Mississippi’s Supreme Court Challenge Could Effectively Ban Abortion In Texas”

Jennifer Collins and Joanna Grossman

Dallas Morning News, September 21, 2020, Op-ed tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed women’s lives forever”

Anthony Colangelo
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Professor of Law

Inside Sources, March 15, 2021, Op-ed: “Germany Used ‘Universal Jurisdiction’ to Convict ex-Syrian Official Who Sent Protestors to Torture Camp”

James Coleman
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow and
Professor of Law

Bloomberg, August 5, 2020, “Dakota Access Pipeline Staves Off Shutdown in Mixed Ruling”

S&P Global Platts, August 5, 2020, “Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown halted but environmental permit still withdrawn”

S&P Global.com, August 20, 2020, “Dakota Access Pipeline fight will heat up again in two federal courts”

Houston Chronicle, October 30, 2020, “Opinion: Texas Railroad Commission should reinstate production limits”

Capital Research Center, October 30, 2020, “China’s Green Offensive: The Future of Green Lawfare”

Calgary Herald, October 31, 2020, “With U.S. vote, another white-knuckle moment for Keystone XL”

CBC, November 2, 2020, “How a Biden victory would shake up Alberta’s oil and gas sector”

Financial Post, November 10, 2020, “Canada’s oilpatch finds fresh hope for Keystone XL despite Bikden victory”

Calgary Herald, November 18, 2020, TC Energy keeps pressing on Keystone XL with ‘historic’ agreement with First Nations”

E&E News, November 30, 2020, “Energy industry braces for Biden-era court clashes”

E&E News, January 15, 2021, “2021 legal fights will test Biden energy agenda”

CBC, January 17, 2021, “Biden indicates plans to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on 1st day in office, sources confirm”

CBC, January 19, 2021, “Why Kenney is having a rougher ride than Trudeau with his pipeline purchase”

Bloomberg Law, January 20, 2021, “Biden Blocking Keystone Threatens to End Era of Mega Pipelines”

Calgary Herald, January 20, 2021, “Canada mounts final plea for Keystone XL, as prospects dim for Alberta's investment”

Financial Post, January 20, 2021, “TC Energy and Alberta face long odds if they sue U.S. government over cancelled Keystone XL”

Bloomberg Law, January 22, 2021, “Biden Move to Nix Keystone XL Puts Other Pipelines in Bull’s-Eye”

Wyoming Public Radio, January 22, 2021, “Trump Administration Didn't Weigh In On Washington Coal Port, But Biden Could”

S&P Global Platts, January 26, 2021, “Dakota Access Pipeline to remain open as environmental impact review continues, court rules”

Bloomberg Law, January 27, 2021, “Biden Holds Key to Dakota Access Pipeline Fate After Ruling”

Law 360, February 17, 2021, “Blackouts Test Texas' Grid, Spotlight Renewable Energy”

Bloomberg Businessweek, February 25, 2021, “Why Texas Broke: The Crisis That Sank the State Has No Easy Fix”

Bloomberg, March 17, 2021, “Texas Tried to Prepare for Crisis and Ended Up Sowing Confusion”

Calgary Herald, March 19, 2021, “Varcoe - U.S. lawsuit means Keystone XL pipeline still has a pulse — a faint one”

Bloomberg Law, April 2, 2021, “Biden Infrastructure Plan Has Unlikely Ally in Trump Permit Redo”

S&P Global, April 6, 2021, “Gas Utilities test legal waters with Texas storm gas price lawsuits”

Financial Post, May 5, 2021, “As clock ticks down on Enbridge's Line 5, anxiety grows in Sarnia and Michigan”

The Globe and the Mail, June 9, 2021, “Keystone XL pipeline project scrapped in blow to Canada’s energy plan”

Financial Post, June 16, 2021, “Nord Stream 2 and the curious case of Line 5: Will energy security trump the environment?”

Financial Post, July 7, 2021, “A 'long and expensive' challenge: Alberta to join TC Energy's $15B NAFTA claim over Keystone XL rejection”

Nathan Cortez
Adelfa Botello Callejo Endowed Professor of Law in Leadership and Latino Studies

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, October 30, 2020, “Hims Built a $1.6 Billion Online Empire by Pushing Prescriptions”

Houston Chronicle, November 9, 2020, “A Biden win sows hope in health care sector”

Houston Chronicle, November 10, 2020, “Texas officials make their case today to abolish the Affordable Care Act”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, October 30, 2020, “Hims Built a $1.6 Billion Online Empire by Pushing Prescriptions”

BuzzFeed News, January 15, 2021, “The FDA Warned Curative’s Popular COVID Test Could Be Faulty. Here’s What We Know So Far.”

The Verge, March 17, 2021, “Birth Control Apps Show the Contradictions in FDA Device Oversight”

Reuters, May 5, 2021, “Lilly hit by staff accusations, FDA scrutiny at COVID drug factories”

Chris Jenks
Director of the Criminal Clinic and Professor of Law

The Hill, January 20, 2021, Op-ed: “Why pretend senators can 'do impartial justice'?”

Houston Chronicle, January 21, 2021, Co-authored with Professor Geoffrey Corn, South Texas College of Law, “Opinion: What impeachment article really accuses Trump of doing on Jan. 6 - and why”

Dallas Morning News, January 31, 2021, “How Trump could factor into legal defenses of North Texans accused of threats and storming Capitol”

Dallas Morning News, February 1, 2021, “Will a ‘Trump Defense’ Work?”

Tom S. Leatherbury
Director of the First Amendment Clinic and Clinical Adjunct Professor of Law

Michael Shapiro
Law Fellow of the First Amendment Clinic

Texas Public Radio, May 6, 2021, “Reporting On Deadly Collision Leads To Legal Threats Against Journalist”

Pamela R. Metzger
Director of the Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center and Professor of Law

The Crime Report, November 16, 2020, “The Widening Rural Urban Divide in Criminal Justice”

NPR: All Things Considered, December 18, 2020, “Inmates are among the most vulnerable in the pandemic. When will they get vaccinated?”

The Ali Adviser, February 4, 2021, Co-authored with Greg Guggenmos, “COVID-19 and the Ruralization of U.S. Criminal Court Systems”

The Hill, February, 26, 2021, Co-authored with Professor Jon Gould, Arizona State University, Op-ed: “Evidence-based paths toward criminal justice reform”

The Crime Report, March 4, 2021, “Evidence-Based Reform Critical to Biden Justice Agenda, say Law Profs”

NBC, May 18, 2021, Deason Center-Report Explores Role of Race in Marijuana Prosecutions

NBC News, May 22, 2021, “Life-without-parole sentences are exploding. But America's legal defense system hasn't kept pace.”

Natalie Nanasi
Director of the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women and Associate Professor of Law

The Hill, March 27, 2021, Op-ed: “Dallas 'decompression center' can't become another prison for migrant youth”

Anna Offit
Assistant Professor of Law

ABA Journal, October 7, 2020, “Constitutional concerns raised by delayed in-person jury trials during the pandemic”

ABA Journal, February 1, 2021, “Judges differ on when it’s safe to hold in-person jury trials”

Dallas Morning News, December 4, 2020, “Judge Nathan’s, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, recent ruling that ICE detainees receive an initial hearing within 10 days of arrest”

Eric Ruben
Assistant Professor of Law

The Trace, September 30, 2020, “On Gun Laws, Barrett’s Philosophy Leaves Little Room for Public Safety”

Legal Talk Network, April 2, 2021, “Open Carry Laws, Public Safety, and Young v. Hawaii

NBC, April 9, 2021, This week with Joshua Johnson: “Gun regulation and Biden’s recent executibe orders”

The Trace, May 18, 2021, “The Supreme Court’s Next Big Gun Case, Explained”

HRT (Croatia), May 22, 2021, Agenda Sviget Show

BNN Bloomberg, June 22, 2021, “California Gun Laws Reviled by NRA Face Pivotal Test at Hearing”

The Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2021, “Air Force Found Largely Responsible for Texas Church Shooting”

Mary Spector
Associate Dean for Clinics, Director of the Civil/Consumer Clinic and Professor of Law

Dallas Morning News and FWD>DFW, December 14 and 15, 2020, “SMU Dedman School of Law offers a free helpline for COVID-related legal issues”

Marc I. Steinberg
Rupert and Lillian Radford Chair in Law and Professor of Law

Reuters, July 22, 2021, “Q&A: Marc Steinberg on overhauling U.S. securities law”

The New York Times - Dealbook/Business & Policy, August 7, 2021, “Robinhood's Unfinished Business”

The Corporate Secretary, August 17, 2021, “Accountable: The Rise of Capitalism”

The New York Times, September 1, 2021, Dealbook/Business & Policy: “Robinhood defends a contentious practice”

The Corporate Secretary, September 1, 2021, “Opinion: Taking a New Look at U.S. Securities Law”

The Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2021, “SEC Is Investigating Electric Delivery-Truck Maker Workhorse”

Reuters, September 29, 2021, “The SEC's ESG disclosure focus — slighting the real concerns”

David O. Taylor
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Co-Director of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Professor of Law

Bloomberg Law, May 11, 2021, “Consensus-Building Judge Taking the Reins at Federal Circuit”

Jenia Iontcheva Turner
Amy Abboud Ware Centennial Professor in Criminal Law and Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow

Law 360, March 12, 2021, “NJ Courts Face Test On Limits Of Power 1 Year Into Pandemic”

Jessica Dixon Weaver
Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow, and Professor of Law

KERA, January 28, 2021, “discussing the bar complaints against Senator Ted Cruz and standards of professional responsibility”