Elizabeth G. Thornburg

Headshot of Elizabeth G. Thornburg, emeritus faculty member at SMU Dedman School of Law.

Professor Emeritus of Law

Emeritus faculty



Professor Thornburg teaches and writes in the area of civil procedure and alternative dispute resolution. Drawing on her experience with civil rights and commercial litigation, her scholarship focuses on the procedural fairness of the litigation process, especially at the pleadings, discovery, and jury charge stages. She also writes and speaks in the areas of comparative procedure, online dispute resolution, and the intersection of law and culture.

Professor Thornburg's articles have appeared in a number of prominent law reviews in the U.S. and abroad. She is the co-author (with Professor Dorsaneo) of a study guide for Civil Procedure and two Texas procedure casebooks, and has contributed chapters to books on civil procedure issues in consumer law, sports law, computer law, and classic civil procedure cases. Her most recent book is LAWTALK:  THE UNKNOWN STORIES BEHIND FAMILIAR EXPRESSIONS, published by Yale University Press (with co-authors).

She teaches Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Complex Litigation, Texas procedure, Remedies, and an advanced procedure seminar. Thornburg has visited at the law schools at William & Mary, University of Edinburgh, West Virginia University, and the University of Melbourne.

In 2016, the university honored Professor Thornburg with the Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor Award, an annual award that recognizes four SMU faculty members for their notable commitment to and achievements in fostering student learning.  In 2013, SMU selected Thornburg to receive the University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award, an award established by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church for the purpose of recognizing outstanding faculty members for their dedication and contributions to the learning arts and to the institution. Professor Thornburg served as Director of Center for Teaching Excellence from 2012-2014.  She held the position of Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 2014-2017.

Area of expertise

  • Civil Procedure
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Law and Culture


B.A., College of William and Mary
J.D., Southern Methodist University


Civil Procedure


QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: CIVIL PROCEDURE (LexisNexis 4th ed. 2015) (with William V. Dorsaneo, III) (and prior editions).

LAWTALK (Yale University Press) (with Galanter, Shapiro, and Clapp) (2011) (excerpts from reviews posted on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Lawtalk-Unknown-Stories-Familiar-Expressions/dp/030017246X

TEXAS CIVIL PROCEDURE: PRE-TRIAL LITIGATION 2013-2014 (with Dorsaneo, Carlson, and Crump) (and prior editions).

TEXAS CIVIL PROCEDURE: TRIAL AND APPELLATE PRACTICE 2013-14 (with Dorsaneo, Carlson, and Crump) (and prior editions).


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Giving the "Haves" a Little More: Considering the 1998 Discovery Proposals, 52 SMU Law Review 229 (1999) [a portion of this article is reprinted in Subrin, Minow, Brodin, & Main, CIVIL PROCEDURE: DOCTRINE, PRACTICE & CONTEXT (2000)]
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2015 Texas Judicial Education Conference (almost 500 Texas judges)
(September 2015)

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Northeastern University School of Law
(April 2014)

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Teaching Civil Procedure in Common Law Countries Project
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England (June 2010)

The Rhetoric of Tort Reform: Considering the U.S. and Australia
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Manipulating Public Perception of Law and Courts
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