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Professor of Law

Full-time faculty


*** For academic year 2022-2023, Professor Jenks is serving as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Global Criminal Justice at the Department of State ***

Chris Jenks is a professor of law and teaches criminal law, evidence and the law of armed conflict.

Professor Jenks’ research interests are at the intersection of the law of armed conflict, accountability norms and emerging technology. He is the co-author of a criminal law textbook and two editions of a law of armed conflict textbook and has published book chapters with both Oxford and Cambridge University Presses. His articles have appeared in the law reviews and journals of Harvard, Berkeley, Georgetown, Stanford, & Washington & Lee and the International Review of the Red Cross. His blog posts have been featured on Lawfare, Just Security, and Opinio Juris. He has published opeds with Newsweek, Stars and Stripes, and USA Today. He has testified before the US Congress’ Helsinki Commission and presented to House and Senate Staffers on Capitol Hill, the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment, at the American Society of International Law, the Council on Foreign Relations, and at universities and institutes around the world.

Prior to joining the SMU faculty, Professor Jenks served for more than 20 years in the U.S. military, first as an infantry officer and later as a judge advocate and was detailed to both the human rights and refugees and the political/military affairs sections of the Office of the Legal Adviser at the Department of State and as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney on both the civil and criminal side at the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice’s Counterterrorism Section nominated him for the John Marshall Award for interagency cooperation following his work as the lead prosecutor in the Army’s first counterterrorism trial involving a soldier who attempted to aid the al-Qaeda terrorist network. While working at the Department of State, he served as a member of the U.S. delegation to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. In his last assignment, Professor Jenks served as the chief of the international law branch for the U.S. Army in the Pentagon, where he supervised the program by which foreign countries asserted criminal jurisdiction over U.S. service members and represented the Department of Defense at Status of Forces Agreement negotiations; he was also the legal adviser to the U.S. military observers group, which provides personnel to U.N. missions around the world.

Area of expertise

  • Autonomous Weapons
  • Military Law
  • National Security Law
  • Evidence
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • Human Rights


B.S., United States Military Academy West Point
J.D., University of Arizona College of Law
LL.M., U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's School
LL.M., Georgetown Law
Ph.D Candidate, Melbourne University Law School


Law of Armed Conflict
Criminal Law
Criminal Clinic


CRIMINAL LAW: CONCEPTS, CRIMES, AND DEFENSES (Carolina Academic Press 2022) (with Geoffrey S. Corn & Kenneth Williams)

THE LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT: AN OPERATIONAL PERSPECTIVE, 2d ed. (Aspen Publishing 2019) (with Geoffrey S. Corn et al.)


Optimizing Classification of Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Center for Naval Analysis (Aug. 16, 2022) (co-authored) (distribution currently limited to U.S. Government Agencies)

The Gathering Swarm: The Path to Increasingly Autonomous Weapon Systems, 57 Jurimetrics 341 (2017)
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A Matter of Policy:  United States Application of the Law of Armed Conflict, 46 Southwestern Law Review 337 (2017)
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False Rubicons, Moral Panic & Conceptual Cul-De-Sacs: Critiquing and Reframing the Call to Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons, 44 Pepperdine Law Review 1 (2016)
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Sexual Assault as a Law of War Violation & U.S. Service Members' Duty to Report, 69 Stanford Law Review Online 1 (2016) (with Jay Morse)
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Debate: The Role of International Criminal Justice in Fostering Compliance with International Humanitarian Laws, 96 International Review of the Red Cross 775 (2015) (with Guido Acquaviva)

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A Military Justice Solution in Search of a Problem: A Response to Vladeck, 104 Georgetown Law Journal Online 29 (2015) (co-authored)
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Sentencing Complexities in National Security Cases, 27 Federal Sentencing Reporter 151 (2015)
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Book chapters

Animals as Weapons in THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS IN WARTIME (Max Planck Institute, forthcoming 2022)

Autonomous Weapons in CHANGE IN THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ORDER (American Branch of the International Law Association, forthcoming 2022)

U.S. Military Prosecutions During Non-International Armed Conflict in FIGHTING WAR AS A CRIME AND CRIME AS WAR: ALTERNATIVE LEGAL FRAMEWORKS FOR ASYMMETRIC CONFLICT (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2022)

Specifically Vague: The Defensive Purpose of the DoD Law of War Manual, in THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE LAW OF WAR MANUAL: COMMENTARY AND CRITIQUE (Cambridge University Press 2018)

The Distraction of Full Autonomy & The Need To Refocus The CCW LAWS Discussion on Critical Functions, in LETHAL AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS:  TECHNOLOGY, DEFINITIONS, ETHICS, LAW & SECURITY (Robin Geiss ed. 2016)
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A Rose by Any Other Name:  How the United States Charges Its Service Members for violating the Laws of Warin MILITARY JUSTICE IN THE MODERN AGE 365 (Cambridge University Press 2016)
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Reimagining the Wheel: Detention – and Release – of Non-State Actors Under the Geneva Conventions, in DETENTION OF NON-STATE ACTORS ENGAGED IN HOSTILITIES: THE FUTURE LAW (Oxford University Press 2016)
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Detention under the Law of Armed Conflict, in ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF THE LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT 301 (Routledge 2016)
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Self-Interest or Self-Inflicted? How the United States Charges Its Service Members for Violating the Laws of War, in MILITARY SELF-INTEREST IN ACCOUNTABILITY FOR CORE INTERNATIONAL CRIMES (Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher 2015)
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Other publications

The Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group & Ukrainian Prosecutions of Russian POWs – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Articles of War Ukraine Symposium (Jun. 22, Jun. 24, Jun. 28 2022)
Part 1Part 2Part 3

The Legal Framework for Deprivation of Liberty in the Context of Screening Operations in Times of NIAC, Deprivation of Liberty and Armed Conflicts: exploring realities and remedies 40th Round Table on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law Int'l Inst. Hum. Law (2019)

Comprehensive Justice and Accountability in Ukraine, Articles of War Ukraine Symposium (Apr. 15, 2022)
West Point Lieber Institute

The Efficacy of the Army’s Law of War Training Program, Articles of War (Oct. 14, 2020)
West Point Lieber Institute

Submission of Observations to the Appeals Chamber Pursuant to Rule 103, In the Case of the Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda, International Criminal Court (Sept. 18, 2020) (Court invited submission) (co-authored)

The Military Justice “Improvement” Act of 2020, CAAFlog (Jul. 15, 2020) (co-authored)




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