Grant M. Hayden

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Professor of Law

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Grant M. Hayden received his law degree with distinction from Stanford Law School and holds a B.A. in philosophy and an M.A. in art history from the University of Kansas. While in law school, he served as editor of the Stanford Law Review and the Stanford Law and Policy Review, and was a member of the Order of the Coif. After graduation he worked as a clerk for Tenth Circuit Judge Deanell Reece Tacha and as an associate at the Washington, D.C. firm of Shea & Gardner.

Professor Hayden writes and teaches in the areas of labor law, voting rights, and corporate governance. His publications include articles in the Michigan, California, Vanderbilt, Florida, and North Carolina Law Reviews. He is also the author of American Law: An Introduction (third edition) (Oxford University Press, 2017) (with Lawrence Friedman), Reconstructing the Corporation: From Shareholder Primacy to Shared Governance (Cambridge University Press, 2020) (with Matthew Bodie), and Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials (fourteenth edition) (Carolina Academic Press) (2021) (with Charles Craver and Marion Crain).

Area of expertise

  • Corporate Governance
  • Voting Rights
  • Labor Law


B.A., University of Kansas
M.A., University of Kansas 
J.D., Stanford Law School


Election Law
Employment Discrimination
Labor Law
Disability Law
Legislation & Regulation


LABOR RELATIONS LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS, 14th ed. (Carolina Academic Press 2021) (with Charles B. Craver and Marion G. Crain)

LABOR RELATIONS LAW: SELECTED FEDERAL STATUTES AND SAMPLE BARGAINING AGREEMENT, 14th ed. (Carolina Academic Press 2021) (with Charles B. Craver and Marion G. Crain)


AMERICAN LAW: AN INTRODUCTION, 3d ed. (Oxford University Press 2017) (with Lawrence Friedman)


Power, Primacy, and the Corporate Law Pivot, 24 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law __ (forthcoming 2022) (with Matthew Bodie) (symposium article)
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Codetermination in Theory and Practice, 73 Florida Law Review 321 (2021) (with Matthew Bodie)
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The Corporation Reborn: From Shareholder Primacy to Shared Governance, 61 Boston College Law Review 2419 (2020) (with Matthew Bodie)
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Shareholder Voting and the Symbolic Politics of Corporation as Contract, 53 Wake Forest Law Review 511 (2018) (with Matthew Bodie)
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Sins of Omission: Abstention in Democratic Institutions, 2016 Illinois Law Review 425 (2016)
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The Limits of Social Choice Theory: A Defense of the Voting Rights Act, 74 Tulane Law Review 87 (1999)
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Book chapters

Economic Development Incentives: Traps and Accountability, in REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMPARED: EU-EUROPE AND THE AMERICAN SOUTH (Gunter J. Bischof, ed. 2014) (with Stephen Ellis and Cynthia Rogers)

The Solution: Help America Vote Act and Voting Now, in VOTING IN AMERICA (Morgan E. Felchner, ed. 2008)

Other publications

Book Review, The Bright Future of Elections Scholarship, 11 Election Law Journal:  Rules, Politics, & Policy 545 (2012)
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Book Review, The Uncorporation and the Unraveling of “Nexus of Contract” Theory, 109 Michigan Law Review 1127 (2011) (with Matthew Bodie)
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Book Review, The End of Inequality?, 8 Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics & Policy 47 (2009)
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Entry, Shaw v. RenoMiller v. Johnson, and Disparate Treatmentin THE OXFORD COMPANION TO THE SUPREME COURT (2005)

Book Review, Working Together, 7 Regional Labor Review 34 (2005)
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Book Review, Age Discrimination by Employers, 5 REGIONAL LABOR REVIEW 40 (Fall 2002)
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Entry, Voting and Political Participationin THE OXFORD COMPANION TO AMERICAN LAW (2002)

Essay, Some Keys to the NBA Lockout, 16 HOFSTRA LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW JOURNAL 453 (1999)
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Note, Some Implications of Arrow’s Theorem for Voting Rights, 47 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 295 (1995)
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