Aged Out: The Stories that Built Us

Aged Out: The Stories That Built Us

The W.W. Caruth, Jr. Child Advocacy Clinic is proud to present its podcast “Aged Out: The Stories That Built UsTM.” You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

The mission of the podcast is to empower former foster children by having their voices heard, using their stories to educate the public, and creating a forum for their perspectives on how to improve the foster care system.

Each episode features a journey with an aged out alumni who shares a first-hand perspective on the day-to-day life of a foster child and on the aging out process. Each story is as unique as its teller and gives each teller an opportunity to suggest reforms that can help those who come after them as a call to action.

These stories provide foster parents, caseworkers, advocates, judges, and state representatives a human perspective that provides both concrete suggestions and strong motivation to improve the care of and outcomes for foster children and ultimately to change a system that has fallen short on preparing our foster children for life after foster care.

You can interact with the podcast via Twitter or Facebook.

The Clinic thanks the Golden Rule Family Foundation for providing the seed funding for this project and the
W. W. Carurth, Jr. Foundation for its overall support of the Clinic, including this project.