Business Law Leadership Program

Build your business knowledge and gain exposure to top business and law practitioners and thought leaders. Through the Business Law Leadership Program (BLLP), Dedman Law students have the most exclusive opportunities to engage with local business and law leaders within the Dallas region, one of the most vibrant business communities in the world.

Who Can Join?

SMU JD and LLM students who are interested in business law and leadership and are committed to actively engaging in the program and the Rowling Center are invited to apply and participate in BLLP.

What’s Required?

BLLP members are invited to complete as many activities as possible, but must complete at least two activities per academic year. Activities have an associated point credit and include:

  • Attending lunch and evening business law events
  • Attending business law and leadership lectures and convocations
  • Completing specialized business and leadership courses and seminars
  • Actively participating in business law-related student and professional organizations
  • Participating in business law competitions
  • Writing scholarly work on business law and leadership topics

What Do BLLP Members Get?

BLLP members get preferred access to BLLP and Rowling Center opportunities and events, with the most exclusive opportunities being only available to members who have the highest participation. BLLP offers members:

  • Access to top-level business law and leadership programing
  • Priority access to BLLP courses and seminars, with a focus on technical business skills, leadership, and personal development
  • Inclusion of BLLP membership on their resume
  • Invitation to exclusive social events
  • Recognition upon program completion

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