Christopher Edwards, Class of 2024

1. Tell us about yourself.
I am a 1L student. I am from Tyler, Texas, and I am a first generation college student.

2. Why did you decide to come to SMU Law?
I decided to come to SMU Law primarily because I desire to work and start a family in the DFW area, as well as I spent a significant amount of time as an undergrad student taking part in the SMU Law community and it has been a refreshing experience so far.

3. What has been your favorite class and why?
My favorite class has been Legislation and Regulation because in this new world that is law school, it most reminds me of my political science background from undergrad. We examine the formulaic structures of our American legislative, judicial, and executive system while also looking at how the relationships between these branches impact our day to day lives.

4. When you are not in school or studying, what do you do for fun?
When I am not in school or studying, I like to spend some time with my family and friends as well as engage in self-care activities like meditation and walks through nature.

5. What extracurricular activities have you enjoyed most and why? (SBA, moot court, etc.)
I have enjoyed taking part in BLSA the most, especially meeting other talented and hardworking upperclassmen who take such a vested interest in upholding diversity and fellowship on campus!

6. How has law school challenged you most?
Law school has challenged in every way imaginable, but learning how to manage one’s time and maintain one’s sense of peace in an environment that lends itself to feelings of self doubt and anxiety has been the most pivotal lessons I’ve had to tackle this semester.

7. What has been your most memorable law school moment so far?
My most memorable law school moment so far has to be when I attended the Fall Festival event, and I had the opportunity really immerse myself in a school sponsored event and engage with my fellow classmates, upperclassmen, and some faculty outside of an academic context. I recall having an enjoyable sense of ease and peace for those few hours, and I needed that reset during the semester.

8. What do you plan to do post-graduation?
Although I am open to all possibilities, I do intend to hopefully work in a large or mid size firm with an emphasis on business/corporate affairs.

9. Have you had any important mentors during law school? If so, who?
Two important mentors I have had during law school include Dean Yeager of SMU Law’s Office of Student Affairs and Christine Leatherberry, Director of SMU Law’s Alumni Relations. Those two individuals have been a calming force in what feels like a tsunami at times, and I am deeply grateful for all of the advice they’ve parted me before and during law school. Their combined experience as former attorneys and emphasis on maintaining a healthy wellbeing in this demanding profession both serve to uplift the students here at SMU Dedman School of Law. We are lucky to have them!

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?
In five years, I look forward to earning my law degree and working in a supportive yet stimulating environment where my skills can be put to meaningful use. In 10 years, I see myself working towards my goals of starting a family, using my skills to give back to underprivileged communities, and progressing in my legal career. In the meantime, I shall embrace the unpredictable test that is life along the way!