Scholarships Awarded in the Admissions Process

Incoming Student Scholarships

A number of full and partial scholarships are awarded to entering first-year students. The Scholarship Committee endeavors to use the available funds to attract students who will enhance SMU Dedman School of Law with their academic achievement and potential and life experiences.

Applications completed by the regular decision deadline will automatically be considered for academic scholarships. Scholarships for full-time students typically are awarded on the basis of an outstanding undergraduate record and a strong performance on the LSAT. 

In addition, because we believe that a broad spectrum of viewpoints enhances our educational environment, we also award academic scholarships to any student whose experiences, accomplishments, or background suggest that his or her perspective will enhance or diversify the learning atmosphere at SMU. To be considered for an academic scholarship that is awarded on the basis of your experiences, accomplishments or background, you must complete the optional question on the application for admission. If you are awarded an academic scholarship, we will notify you with your admission decision, or shortly after you have been admitted.

There are also several scholarships awarded by private foundations.

The Charles and Peggy Galvin Endowment Fund was established in 1979 by multiple donors in honor of Charles and Peggy Galvin. The Charles and Peggy Galvin Endowment Fund provides support for a full-tuition scholarship based on merit.

Approximately three students per entering class are awarded the prestigious Hutchison Scholarship. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and fees.  

One student per year is awarded the Thomas. W. Luce, III Centennial Dedman Law Scholars Program at SMU Scholarship. This scholarship also covers the full cost of tuition and fees.   

A separate scholarship application is not required to receive the Hutchison Scholarship, the Luce Scholarship, or the Charles and Peggy Galvin Endowment Fund Scholarship

However, our other scholarships awarded by private foundations do require a separate application. Information on these scholarships is set forth below.

The Sumners Foundation Scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and fees and a stipend for living expenses and textbooks. Each year, the Sumners Foundation selects between four and six outstanding students to receive these scholarships. If you are a permanent resident of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas, you may apply for a Sumners Foundation Scholarship. SMU and the Sumners Foundation have worked together to change the name of this scholarship program to better reflect their unwavering commitments to diversity, inclusion, and excellence; for background on this decision, please see the following statements issued by SMU and the Sumners Foundation.

If you are interested in applying for a Sumners Scholarship, you must complete a separate scholarship application. Once on the scholarship application webpage, you will enter your personal email address and click "Forgot your Password" to create a personal password. The access code for the application is SMU34SS49.

Your scholarship application must be submitted by 5:00 P.M. on February 6. You must also have been admitted by February 6. To be admitted by February 6, you must have a complete application for admission on file no later than December 31. Candidates must be available to interview in-person with the Sumners Foundation February 29 and March 1, 2024.

The Sarah T. Hughes Scholarship, funded and awarded by the Dallas Bar Foundation, covers the full cost of tuition and fees of outstanding students of color each year. If you are interested in applying for the Sarah T. Hughes Scholarship, you must complete the separate SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION.  Your scholarship application must be completed and on file with the Dallas Bar Foundation by February 15.  To be considered for the scholarship, you must be admitted to the JD program by February 15.  To be admitted by February 15, you must have a complete application for admission on file no later than January 15.

Conditional Scholarship Retention Data

Students matriculating in: Number entering with conditional scholarships Number whose conditional scholarships have since been reduced or eliminated
2022 6
2020 8 0
2019 6 1
Conditional scholarships are evaluated at the end of each academic year. Recipients of these conditional scholarships must maintain grades within the top third or top half of their law school class. These are all full tuition and fee scholarships. The vast majority of scholarships at SMU do not have a grade requirement above good standing. This chart will be provided to all applicants being offered conditional scholarships at the time the scholarship offer is extended.