Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Living Expenses 2023 - 2024

SMU Dedman School of Law makes the following non-tuition cost estimates to set a maximum loan amount available to students for living expenses. When borrowing money for living expenses, many students find that they can live on less than the estimated amounts below.

A student may also borrow to pay tuition costs not covered by scholarships. This means that a student with no scholarship could borrow the full tuition amount below, while a scholarship recipient could borrow an amount equal to the full amount below minus the scholarship amount.

 Non-tuition allowances for variable expenses

Housing/Meals $19,630 This amount is based on rent and meal expenses of $2,043 per month. There are a large number of apartments within just a few miles of campus, with rent amounts that vary greatly, so your cost could be less. Additionally, renting a studio apartment or sharing a multi-bedroom apartment will typically be much less.
Personal/misc. $4,000
Transportation $2,232 $248 per month. This cost could be less if you take advantage of the student Dallas Area Rapid Transit pass or use the campus shuttle that stops at nearby apartment complexes.
Books and supplies $2,000 Buy used books to reduce costs.
Loan fees $1,270 This expense only applies to students who borrow funds.This item will be $0 for non-borrowers.
Total non-tuition allowances $29,132 As a practical matter, students' living expenses will differ based on personal choices and circumstances.A student may borrow any amount up to the amount at left, but can reduce costs by making cost-conscious choices.



Scholarships are credited to student accounts.
General Fees $7,248
Total allowances - the maximum amount a
loan-eligible student with no
scholarship may borrow.
$92,634 This is the maximum amount a loan-eligible student with no scholarship may borrow. Total cost and borrowing will vary by student, depending on choice of living arrangements, transportation, and other factors.
The Costs and Financial Aid page has complete information on tuition, fees, and financial aid.