Pre-Law Scholars Program

A limited number of students (approximately 40 per year) are selected to join the Pre-Law Scholars Program before their enrollment as undergraduates at SMU. Students participating in the Pre-Law Scholars Program who satisfy certain conditions will be guaranteed admission into SMU Dedman School of Law upon completion of their undergraduate degrees. To be considered for the program, applicants must first be admitted to SMU as undergraduates and have marked Pre-Law as an area of interest on their admissions applications. Scholars will be selected based on the overall quality of their applications to SMU. No additional application or essay is required. Invitations to join the Pre-Law Scholars Program will be mailed after SMU’s regular decision notification date.

To gain automatic admission into the SMU Dedman School of Law, Pre-Law Scholars must either:

  • Earn at least a 3.80 cumulative undergraduate GPA* and score at least 156 on the LSAT; or
  • Earn at least a 3.20 cumulative undergraduate GPA* and score at least 165 on the LSAT

* as calculated by the Law School Admission Council

Additionally, Pre-Law Scholars must meet the following requirements to gain automatic admission into the law school:

  • Successful completion of the Pre-Law Scholars class taught by the law school
  • No significant character issues and no previous law school attendance
  • Completion of their undergraduate degree from SMU within five years

On a space-available basis, continuing SMU undergraduate students with at least 12 hours may apply to join the program. The law school application fee will be waived for the SMU Pre-Law Scholars.

View the PLS application for current SMU students.

Events and Services:
Each Pre-Law Scholar will be invited to special law-related events including:

  • Distinguished visiting speakers (judges, prominent attorneys, etc.)
  • Conferences and symposia
  • Presentations on career paths and preparation
  • Law school class visitation
  • Law alumni panels

Pre-Law Scholars will also have a unique opportunity to interact with current SMU Dedman School of Law students and faculty and will learn about serving the community through interaction with the law school’s public service program.

Undergraduate Law-related Courses:
Students who intend to study law must develop excellent speaking and writing skills as they are principal tools of the legal profession.While no specific undergraduate courses are required for entry into law school, students may find some courses to be of particular interest:

  • Business Law Concepts (BL 3310)
  • Business Law (BL 3335)
  • Free Speech and the First Amendment (CCPA 3300)
  • Forensics Workshop (CCPA 4323)
  • Competitive Mock Trial (CCPA 4324)
  • Law and Economics (ECO 5353)
  • Business Writing (ENGL 2302)
  • Communication Law (JOUR 4316)
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking (PHIL 1300)
  • Elementary Logic (PHIL 1301)
  • Philosophy of Law (PHIL 3374)
  • Introduction to International Relations (PLSC 1380)
  • Law, Politics, and the Supreme Court (PLSC 3330)
  • Supreme Court Seminar (PLSC 4332)
  • Civil Liberties: First Amendment and Privacy (PLSC 4336)
  • Civil Rights (PLSC 4337)
  • Criminal Procedure:  4th Amendment Rights (PLSC 4338)
  • Criminal Procedure:  5th and 6th Amendment Rights (PLSC 4339)
  • Psychology of Conflict Resolution (PSYC 4363)

Additional Information:
For more information on the Pre-Law Scholars program, please contact your SMU admissions counseloror call 214-768-2058.