Commercial & Consumer Law

Commercial lawyers represent clients in a wide variety of business related transactional and litigation matters. All commercial work is contract based, and the actual work done by commercial lawyers is as varied as the kinds of contracts in which people engage. Some types of commercial work has become quite specialized, and many law firms either limit their practice to a particular type of commercial work or devote separate sections of the firm to specialized commercial work. Bankruptcy, construction law, employment law, banking, finance, and commercial litigation are examples of these types of specialized commercial practice. If you liked your first year contracts courses and you are intrigued by the concept of people doing deals and making their own private law rules, you should enjoy many of the course offerings from the following rich curriculum. If you are interested in commercial litigation, you should consider taking additional courses in procedure, evidence, and trial advocacy. 

Some lawyers who deal with commercial areas specialize in representing the interests of consumers, either by representing individual clients or by working for state and federal agencies or public interest groups that work in the interests of consumers. They must be familiar with federal and state laws relating to deceptive trade practices, warranties, debt collection, credit reporting, truth in lending, and other consumer rights. Commercial and consumer work require skill in client counseling, negotiation, litigation, regulatory work, and legislative advocacy.

Foundation Courses – Introducing the Basic Concepts

  • Contracts I & II
  • Business Enterprise
  • Consumer Law
  • Creditors’ Rights
  • Payment Systems
  • Sales
  • Secured Transactions

Recommended Courses – Electives for Commercial and Consumer Lawyers

  • Admiralty
  • Advanced Commercial Law
  • Advanced Contracts Workshop
  • Advanced Contracts: Drafting
  • Commercial Real Estate Seminar
  • Commercial Remedies
  • Income Taxation


  • Civil Clinic
  • Consumer Law Project
  • Small Business Clinic

Related Courses

  • Construction Law
  • Economic Analysis of Law
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Business & Financial Transactions
  • Negotiations
  • Oil & Gas Contracts: Domestic & International (GW option)
  • Products Liability
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Sports Law
  • Trademarks & Business Torts


  • Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division
  • Federal Trade Commission

Public Service Placements

  • Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Dallas City Attorney’s Office – Code Compliance Section
  • Housing Crisis Center
  • Legal Action Works
  • Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
  • Nursing Home Ombudsman Program

Here are some of the full-time faculty members who teach or have an interest in this area: