Bankruptcy lawyers represent creditors and debtors in proceedings that will determine the rights of both. The debtors may be businesses or individual consumers. Lawyers working on bankruptcy issues get to deal with commercial law, corporate law, consumer law, and also may have even more opportunities for court appearances than litigators. Bankruptcy lawyers must have a working knowledge of commercial law and bankruptcy procedures as well as skill in negotiating, drafting, and advocacy. Many consider it the best of both worlds: interesting corporate and commercial law deals combined with trial work.

Foundation Courses – Introducing the Basic Concepts

  • Creditors’ Rights
  • Payment Systems
  • Secured Transactions
  • Sales
  • Business Enterprise

Advanced Courses

  • Advanced Bankruptcy

Related Courses

  • Commercial Remedies
  • Consumer Law
  • Corporate Finance & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Planning
  • Evidence
  • Income Taxation
  • Intellectual Property in Business Organizations
  • Negotiations
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Texas Matrimonial Property (for practice in Texas)
  • Trial Advocacy or Trial Techniques I

There are a number of externship placements with bankruptcy judges in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, including the Federal Judicial Externship.

Student Activities
The John C. Ford Inn of Court is composed of practitioners and law students who are interested in bankruptcy practice. In addition, there is often a moot court team that participates in an interschool competition devoted to bankruptcy law.

In addition to the bankruptcy judges and practitioners who teach in this area, here are some of the full-time faculty members who teach or have an interest in this area: