Joshua Yun



  1. Hometown: Flower Mound, Texas
  2. Education: New York University, B.A. in Philosophy of Science
  3. Organization and Position: SMU Asian Pacific American LawStudentAssociation, President
  4. What is diversity and inclusion like at SMU Law? Before coming to law school, I’d never personally known an Asian lawyer. In fact, as a first-generation high school, college, and law schoolstudent, I didn’t know very many Asian professionals at all. That’s why finding other law students and attorneys who looked like me and could relate to my experiences was such a transformative part of law school. Through SMU APALSA, I learned more about law and the legal community than I could from my classes alone. With the law school’s support, we’ve been able to host panels and networking events, often together with other diversity organizations, speaking with the most prestigious among our communities and meeting the kinds of diverse mentors and role models that I’d yearned for my entire life. More importantly, however, I’ve met some of my dearest friends, people on whom I can depend long after law school ends and our careers begin.
  5. What have you enjoyed most about law school? My favorite thing about law school is definitely the people. Everyone around me, both students and faculty, is incredibly motivated, intelligent, and filled with a duty to advocate for a cause. While we’re certainly competitive, we’re also loyal and dependable, and I’d never before received so much support from my classmates and professors. They will be your lifelines during the inevitable stresses of law school, and they’ll also be there to celebrate your successes with you.
  1. What, if anything, have you learned about yourself since coming to law school? The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is how to persevere. Law school is not easy. At some point in all lawstudents' lives, they will suffer setbacks, stress, and seemingly impossible challenges. And while failures do hurt, they’re only permanent if you let them be. Ultimately, grit and determination can overcome any amount of adversity, so having this mindset helped me to keep moving forward.
  1. Any advice for those considering SMU Law? Again, law school is challenging and requires significant commitment. But know that SMU Law provides you with the resources to meet those challenges fully equipped. The reason why SMU Law was the only law school I applied to was because it's at the heart of the Dallas legal community. SMU Law connects you directly to professors and attorneys that are eager to see you succeed, and as I near the end of law school, I can’t wait to join their ranks and give back to the community in return for all that it gave to me.