Johanna Pang



  1. Hometown: Rockwall, TX
  2. Education: SMU B.A. in English and Human Rights
  3. Favorite part of law school: I love being in a class of people who have such diverse life experiences.  I came straight through from undergrad, but in law school, a lot of my classmates have work and life experience that I get to learn so much from.
  4. What have you learned about yourself since coming to LS: I thought being introverted would put me at a disadvantage for networking in law school, but I’ve found that networking is actually really fun! It’s a great chance to learn more about people, but also yourself and how to create healthy boundaries for protecting your energy.
  5. Advice for those considering SMU Law: When I applied to schools, I knew I wanted to be challenged academically, but I also needed a collaborative student culture.  For me, SMU has both.  During the first semester, I was pleasantly surprised at how many attorneys are eager to mentor SMU students.  Between my two attorney mentors, career advisor, and great professors and staff, I feel supported as a student, budding lawyer, and human being.