Isabelle Dominguez


  1. Hometown: Southlake, Texas
  2. Education: University of North Texas, B.A. Political Science 2019
  3. Organization and position: Hispanic Law Student Association, President
  4. What have you enjoyed most about law school? I’ve most enjoyed having the freedom to explore so many different areas of law by taking diverse classes, participating in law review, and taking advantage of the many experiential learning opportunities that SMU Law has to offer.
  1. What, if anything, have you learned about yourself since coming to law school? I’ve learned that while there is always room to improve, it is imperative to celebrate your many successes along the way!
  1. Any advice for those considering SMU Law? If you have questions, ASK THEM! There are no stupid questions! This applies whether you have questions about class material or questions about finding an internship. Everyone here wants you to succeed, so take advantage of all their knowledge and assistance.