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St. Louis

St. Louis

The growing distinction of SMU will result from a continuing partnership with our alumni and friends in the St. Louis area. Get connected to The Second Century Campaign and be a part of SMU’s boundless future.

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Lori Atkinson

SMU is calling on those who love the University to join in the excitement. To get involved, e-mail, call 214-768-2666 or the development officer listed at right.

Campaign Steering Committee

St. Louis

Paul D. Diemer '86, Co-Chair

Sheri Forbes Diemer '86, Co-Chair

  • Nancy A. Schnuck Diemer '87
  • Chip Hiemenz '06
  • A. Charles Hiemenz, III
  • Margaret H. Hiemenz
  • Jim Holbrook
  • Meredith Holbrook
  • David F. Schmid '86
  • John E. St. Eve
  • Nancy A. St. Eve
  • Anne Dressel Sutter '86
  • W. Scott Sutter '87
  • Martha S. Uhlhorn ’76, '78
  • R. Gerald Turner, Ex Officio
  • Brad E. Cheves, Ex Officio