Software Installation Services

Available for non-SMU machines

Please note: Students, including Mac users, can access SAS, GMetrix, and the Microsoft Office Suite on a Windows virtual environment at without installing the softwares on their local machine. Due to license restrictions, only a limited number of users can user Apporto at once. If you are unable to use Apporto, you may also use SAS and the Microsoft Office applications via

The IT Help Desk assists with the installation of SAS, Windows 10, GMETRIX and other applications pertinent to course instruction on personal, non-SMU machines.  Customers may utilize our help guides to perform the installation tasks themselves or schedule an appointment with our team.

Schedule an Appointment

Getting Started

  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Follow the steps detailed in the appointment confirmation email
  3. Drop off your laptop at the IT Help Desk at your appointment time (located in Fondren Library West)
  4. Pick up your computer once the installation is complete

Install from Home

Customers are able to install software on their own by accessing installers on our software share. For the best experience, connect via ethernet before beginning an installation.

For SAS installation information on a Windows machine, please see the SAS service page and follow the instructions. *SAS will not run on a Mac. You may use SAS within a virtual environment at or download our pre-built virtual machine which includes SAS.

For instructions on how to install other available software and virtual machines, please see the Self Service Guides tab.

Introductory Video

Available Software for Installation

The IT Help Desk will not backup data prior to installing software. Please be sure to have all data backed up prior to your install appointment.

Windows 10 Virtual Machine with Office 2016

Some courses require a Windows environment to complete assignments. If you have a Mac, we are able to install Windows 10 virtually in order to allow you to run software compatible with Windows only.

Students are able to obtain a license key for Microsoft Windows free of charge by simply registering with your active SMU email address at Once you've obtained a license key, schedule an installation appointment with the IT Help Desk here.


SAS is available for download and install free of charge on any personal Windows and Linux Machines for academic use under our campus agreement. Mac OS users of SAS Foundation also have access to SAS without installing the software on their local machine. Simply login to and you can launch the software in a virtual environment via Citrix Receiver.  

For Mac users, we offer a Windows 10 virtual machine, which includes preinstalled SAS. Students can obtain license key for Microsoft Windows free of charge by simply registering with your active SMU email address at Once you've obtained license key, schedule an installation appointment with the IT Help Desk here.

Installation appointments on a personal computer are available to all active SMU Students, Staff, and Faculty.


GMETRIX is used to practice for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exam. GMETRIX is only available on Windows machines and is not available for installation on a Mac when practicing for Office 2016 exams. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification gives students and institutions of higher learning the tools they need to chart their own course, fulfill their ambition, and realize their potential.

Mac users - we offer a virtual machine prebuilt with Windows 10, GMetrix, and Office 2016. Students can obtain a license key for Microsoft Windows free of charge by simply registering with your active SMU email address at

  1. Begin by visiting and secure your license key for Windows 10. Note: You do not need to install anything.
  2. Schedule an installation appointment and request a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. You will need your license key for the installation appointment. 

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is also available for install via virtual machine on your Mac.

For Mac users, we offer a virtual machine through VirtualBox, which includes Power BI. Students can obtain a copy of Microsoft Windows free of charge by simply registering with your active SMU email address at Once you've obtained a copy of Microsoft Windows, schedule an installation appointment with the IT Help Desk here.

Prebuilt Virtual Machine Packages

  • Windows 10 with Office 2016
  • Windows 10 with Power BI and Office 2016
  • Windows 10 with GMETRIX and Office 2016
  • Windows 10 with SAS with Office 2016 and Power BI


Self Service Installation Guides

*Always install software while the machine is plugged into a power supply. Wireless connections will slow down install times, use an ethernet connection if possible. Off campus installations require VPN, to install visit

For SAS installation instructions and information, please refer to the SAS service page here 

Virtual Machine Installation Guide

OIT has several already setup virtual machines. In order to utilize our virtual machines, you will need to download an application called VirtualBox and the folder for the virtual machine you would like to use. Your machine must have at least 60GBs of space available for the machine to run smoothly. If you would rather OIT install the virtual machine for you, please feel free to schedule an appointment at

For step by step instructions, click here.



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of Windows under the University agreement? 

  1. Visit to register for an account with your SMU email address
  2. Click the Sign In link near the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click the Register button.
  4. When prompted to choose how you wish to register, select the option: With an organization-issued email address (e.g. a ".edu" address).
  5. Follow on-screen instructions and fill out any forms to which you are directed to complete the registration process. When prompted to enter your email address, be sure that the address you provide is active and was issued by SMU.
  6. Click the embedded link in the registration email that is sent to your SMU email to validate and finalize your registration.
Important!  To ensure delivery of the registration email, make sure that is added to your email white list.

Where can I find my Windows Product Key?

The product key can be found on your Order Details page at

To view your product key:
  1. Sign in to your WebStore (if you are not signed in already).
  2. Click the arrow beside your username (top-right corner), and then click Your Account/Orders.
  3. Click the View Details button next to an order to reach the Order Details page. Information about the order is displayed, including any product keys, serial numbers or activation codes that were issued with it.


If you are having trouble locating your product key, contact information for support can be found here.

Am I able to install software on my own?

Yes, for instructions send an email request to An internet connection is required to perform installations along with SMU credentials.