M.A. in Art History

Admission and Financial Aid

Admission to the graduate program is selective. A minimum of 12 credit hours of undergraduate art history above the survey level or equivalent is required before a student may begin to accumulate hours for graduate credit. Students who have been admitted without adequate undergraduate preparation will be expected to take the requisite number of undergraduate hours before or during their first term at SMU. The applicant should have a reading knowledge of one language other than English.

Admitted students are awarded tuition grants, a stipend and teaching/research assistantships. In addition, the division has funds available so that graduate students may travel to conduct research on their thesis topic.

Degree Requirements

This is a 36-credit hour program. Students take three graduate seminars per semester, each seminar is 3-credit hours. The M.A. thesis, taken in the second year, amounts to 6-credit hours. Prior to enrollment in thesis hours, all students must pass a translation exam in a language related to the field of study and their graduate colloquium, which is generally scheduled at the beginning of their third term. If a student does not pass the colloquium, he or she has the opportunity to present the work one more time. If unable to pass the second colloquium, he or she will be dropped from the program. The thesis must be approved by a committee of three faculty members at the conclusion of the student's M.A. work.