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Planning your audition: Meadows School of the Arts has prepared new audition procedures to safeguard the health and well-being of our prospective students, faculty and staff during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to virtual and recorded auditions, applicants can also engage with our faculty, staff and students via weekly virtual information sessions and tours of our performance spaces, all from the comfort of your home.

Theatre is a Dual Admit Program.

In order to pursue a Theatre major at SMU, applicants must be admitted to SMU and to Meadows School of the Arts. Candidates are required to submit an SMU application, a Meadows application, and audition for Meadows for consideration of admission.

Theatre Admission Checklist:

1. Review the 2020-21 Theatre Audition Dates and Recorded Audition Information

Audition registration is accessible only through the Meadows Theatre Application; see item #4 below.

The Meadows Theatre Application and audition registration should be submitted at least 3 days prior to the virtual audition dates listed below.

Two Types of Auditions

Within the Meadows Application you will be asked to select which type of audition you prefer:

  • Virtual Audition: Applicants audition live via Zoom at appointed times on Theatre audition days.

  • Recorded Audition: Applicants may submit a recorded prescreening audition for faculty review. Click here for details.

If the faculty would like to further consider the applicant for admission, the applicant will be contacted via email with instructions on how to register for a live "callback" audition via Zoom at appointed times on the Theatre audition days. See item #5 below for details on what a recorded audition must include.

Deadlines for video audition submission:

  • Early Action and Early Decision I applicants must submit their recording no later than November 15.
  • Regular Decision and Early Decision II applicants must submit their recorded audition no later than February 1.


SMU Theatre Audition Dates and Types of Auditions:

Theatre audition registration is accessible only through the Meadows Theatre Application.

  • Nov. 13: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Dec. 4: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Dec. 5: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Jan. 23: Virtual (New York Unified Audition)*
  • Jan. 29: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Jan. 30: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Feb. 8: Virtual (Chicago Unified Audition)*
  • Feb. 9: Virtual (Chicago Unified Audition)*
  • Feb. 10: Virtual (Chicago Unified Audition)*
  • Feb. 13: Virtual (Los Angeles Unified Audition)*
  • Feb. 19: Virtual, via Zoom
  • Feb. 20: Virtual, via Zoom

*Virtual National Unified Auditions: These virtual auditions correspond to the original dates of the National Unified Auditions in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Auditions times available on these days are first reserved for candidates who intended to audition at the National Unified Auditions. After January 15, any candidates may register for remaining time slots on those days.


Theatre Conferences

Faculty will be in attendance at the following Theatre Conferences. Candidates may be invited to a callback for SMU Meadows.

  • The Mid-Atlantic Regional College Auditions (MARCAs), virtual

  • Oregon Thespians Conference, virtual

  • Washington Thespians Conference, virtual

  • Other conferences TBD

Meadows Application Deadlines:

  • Meadows Theatre Application and Audition Registration: 3 days prior to audition date
  • Recorded Audition, Applying to SMU as Early Action/Early Decision I: Nov. 15
  • Recorded Audition, Applying to SMU as Regular Decision/Early Decision II: Feb. 1
  • SMU Application, Early Action/Early Decision I: Nov. 1
  • SMU Application, Regular Decision/Early Decision II: Jan. 15
  • SMU Transfer Application for Fall: May 1, June 1, August 1; see SMU website
  • SMU Transfer Application for Spring: Nov. 1

2. Determine which SMU application deadline is right for you.

We encourage students to apply to SMU, submit their Meadows Theatre application, and audition for Meadows within the same semester, and to apply when their application and audition will be most competitive.


Note that Early Action, Regular Decision, and Early Decision applicants are all considered equally for artistic scholarships, since Meadows does not begin awarding artistic scholarships until mid-March, after all auditions have been completed.


Early Action: Apply to SMU by November 1, and apply to and audition for Meadows by or before December 5, 2020. The benefit of applying Early Action is that a student will receive their audition results and their SMU admission decision by mid-December. If you apply Early Action, but do not complete your audition by December 5, your application to SMU will be deferred until Regular Decision. An Early Action application to SMU is not binding.

Early Decision is a binding application to SMU whereby students commit to attend SMU if admitted even if they are not accepted to the Theatre degree program. Be sure to review the Early Decision FAQ. 

Early Decision I: Apply to SMU by November 1, and apply to and audition for Meadows by or before Dec. 5, 2020 to receive audition results and SMU admission decision by mid-December. 

Early Decision II: Apply to SMU by January 15, and apply to and audition for Meadows by or before January 15, and audition for Meadows by or before February 20, 2021 to receive audition results and SMU admission decision by early March.

Regular Decision: Apply to SMU by January 15, and apply to and audition for Meadows by or before February 20. Regular Decision is appropriate for students who plan to audition in January or February and/or for those students whose applications will be more competitive with the inclusion of their first semester senior year grades. Regular Decision applicants typically receive their Meadows audition results about two weeks after the audition and their SMU admission decision by late March.

Note: SAT and ACT scores are optional for all students applying to SMU for Spring 2021 and the following Fall 2021 admission. Read more about SMU's Undergraduate Temporary Test-Optional Policy.

Deadlines for Transfer Students:

Fall Transfer: Apply to SMU by August 1; apply to and audition for Meadows by or before Feb. 20, 2021.

Note that all transfer students are required to complete college algebra or a college-level math course before transferring to SMU. We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and check with your transfer admission counselor to ensure that you have satisfied admission requirements. Plan ahead to optimize your possibility of earning a Transfer Scholarship from SMU, and check out SMU’s Transfer Equivalency Guides.  

Information for International Students:

In addition to your theatre audition, please be sure to complete all SMU application checklist items for international students listed here.

3. Apply To SMU.

4. Click here to start your Meadows Theatre Application and register online for your audition.

5. Prepare for your audition and learn what to expect.

How to prepare for your audition: 

First-year and transfer Theatre candidates should prepare two contrasting monologues from contemporary plays and 16 bars of one song, any genre. (The song must be sung a cappella, i.e., without music accompaniment.) The total length of both pieces and the song should not exceed five (5) minutes. Auditions will also include an interview. All candidates must provide a headshot and résumé, which must be submitted within the Meadows Theatre application. Candidates interested in design, directing, playwriting, stage management or other areas of theatre are encouraged (but not required) to upload a portfolio or supplemental materials to their Meadows Theatre Application (during submission or afterward through the status page) in addition to presenting their auditions. All auditions will be recorded.


6. Special notes for Transfer Theatre applicants:

All students accepted to SMU and to Meadows Division of Theatre must begin their Theatre courses in the fall semester.

Transfer students must audition during the regular audition season as posted. Note that transfer students who apply to enroll in a spring semester who are accepted to both SMU and to Meadows Division of Theatre have the option of beginning their SMU Common Curriculum studies in the spring semester, then beginning Theatre coursework the following fall semester.

7. Review the Scholarship and Financial Aid process and submit the CSS Profile and the FAFSA, or, the Meadows Waiver Form as soon as possible.

Want to learn more about SMU Meadows School of the Arts?

The Meadows Office of Admission and Financial Aid is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

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