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Dance is a Dual Admit Program:
In order to pursue a Dance major or minor at SMU, you must be admitted both to the Meadows School of the Arts (via your audition), as well as to SMU (via your undergraduate application for admission).

Admission checklist for Dance applicants

  1. Review 2019-20 Audition Dates and Recorded Audition Information

    Dallas Auditions

    • October 19
    • November 23
    • January 25
    • February 15

    Regional Auditions

    • West Palm Beach, FL – September 28
    • Denver, CO – October 12
    • Houston, TX – December 6
    • New Orleans, LA – January 31
    • Atlanta, GA – February 8

    Can’t attend one of the audition dates above? Click here to review instructions for how to Submit a Recorded Audition.

    Recorded Auditions

    Recorded auditions should be submitted online through our Dance Recorded Audition Information Form. Please carefully review our instructions for your submission before recording and submitting your audition. Early Action/Early Decision I applicants must submit their recording no later than November 15. Regular Decision/Early Decision II applicants must submit their recording no later than February 15.

    It is not always possible for our faculty to render an admissions decision from a recording. You may be requested to visit campus for subsequent audition activities.

    Your video(s) should include:

    • Personal introduction (1 minute or less)
    • Short ballet barre: Include plié, dégagé, rond de jambe, and grand battement (5 minutes or less)
    • Pirouette and petit allegro combination (1 minute or less)
    • Brief combination either choreographed or improvised in Modern and Jazz (30-60 seconds)
    • Solo in your technique of choice: ballet, modern, or jazz (90-120 seconds)

    Please note: Your recorded audition MUST include all three technique areas (Ballet, Modern and Jazz).

    Additional materials to submit with your video(s):

    • Dance Statement with Answers to these questions:
      • What two words would describe your relationship to Dance?
      • What would you bring to the Division of Dance at SMU?
    • Résumé
    • Optional Photo

    For more information on recorded audition submission, email Heather Guthrie at

  2. Determine which application deadline is right for you: Click here for guidelines

    Which is right for me: Early Action, Regular Decision, or Early Decision?

    In general, we encourage students to apply when their application will be most competitive and to audition when they will be most prepared. Early Action, Regular Decision, and Early Decision applicants are considered equally for artistic scholarships, since we do not begin awarding artistic scholarships until mid-March.

    Early Action: Apply by November 1, audition by/on December 6. The benefit of applying Early Action is that a student will receive their audition results and their SMU admission decision by mid-December. If you apply Early Action, but do not complete your audition by/on December 6 or submit a recording by November 15, your application to SMU will be deferred until Regular Decision. Early Action is not binding.

    Early Decision is a binding application whereby students commit to attend SMU if admitted. Be sure to review the Early Decision FAQ. Early Decision I: Apply by November 1 and audition by/on December 6 to receive audition results and SMU admission decision by mid-December. Early Decision II: Apply by January 15 and audition by the end of January to receive audition results and SMU admission decision by early February 15.

    Regular Decision: Apply by January 15 and audition by/on February 15. Regular Decision is appropriate for students who plan to audition in January or February and/or those students whose applications will be more competitive with the inclusion of their first semester senior year grades. Regular Decision applicants typically receive their audition results about two weeks after the audition and their SMU admission decision by late March.

    Information for Transfer Students:

    Spring Transfer: Apply by November 1 and audition by/on November 23

    Fall Transfer: Apply by April 1 and audition by February 15

    Note that all transfer students are required to complete college algebra or a college-level math course before transferring to SMU. We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and check with your transfer admission counselor to ensure that you have satisfied this admission requirement. Plan ahead to optimize your possibility of earning a Transfer Scholarship, and check out the Transfer Equivalency Guides.

    Information for International Students:

    In addition to your dance audition, please be sure to complete all SMU application checklist items for international students listed here.

  3. Register online for your audition
    Click here to go to our online audition scheduling page. Once there, use the calendar to select your desired audition date.

  4. Review the Test Optional Policy here and determine whether or not to submit test scores with your application

    Test Optional Policy for Dual Admit Applicants to SMU Meadows School of the Arts:
    An SAT or ACT score report is not required for admission consideration from applicants who are seeking admission to Dual Admit programs in the Meadows School of the Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, Film - B.F.A.). Applicants should only submit an SAT or ACT score report for academic merit scholarship consideration. The recommended combined score to be considered for academic merit scholarships is 1330 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT.

    Note that students who do not submit test scores will be considered only for artistic scholarship and need-based aid; they will not be considered for scholarships based on academic merit.

    Students who do not submit test scores should list their Meadows major first on their application for admission. Students not admitted to Meadows via their portfolio or audition, but who still wish to be considered for admission to SMU, will be required to submit test scores at that time.

  5. Apply to SMU. Review the guidelines in #2 above

  6. Review how to prepare for your audition and what to expect during auditions here

    How to prepare for your audition

    • All candidates should prepare a solo in ballet, modern, or jazz technique between 90-150 seconds.
    • Female candidates should wear a solid color leotard and pink tights.
    • Male candidates should wear a white T-shirt and black tights.
    • All candidates should bring both ballet slippers (pointe shoes are required only if they are needed for your solo) and jazz shoes.
    • Bare feet will be required for the modern portion of the audition.
    • Candidates must also bring a recent photograph, résumé, and music for their prepared solos; please bring your music on either your cellphone, a USB drive or CD.

    What to expect during auditions

    Auditions typically last from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and have three components:

    • Faculty-taught movement portion that begins with a ballet class, followed by combinations in modern and jazz
    • Deliberations by faculty to determine select candidates who will continue audition
    • Select candidates perform a prepared solo and have a brief interview with faculty
  7. Register for the optional Pre-Audition Day: Click here for details

    All SMU on-campus dance auditions are offered on Saturdays. We welcome all candidates to begin their SMU visit on the optional Friday Pre-Audition Day to become better acquainted with our facilities, students and faculty before their Saturday audition experience.

    Register for the Dance Pre-Audition Day

    Here is the schedule for the Dance Pre-Audition Day. If you wish to go to the SMU Admission Information Session at 2:15 p.m. and the Campus Tour at 2:45 p.m., please sign up through the SMU Daily Visit form. In order to maximize your involvement in the Dance Pre-Audition Day, do not register for the 9:30 a.m. SMU Admission Information Session or the 10:00 a.m. Campus Tour.

  8. Review the Financial Aid process and submit the CSS Profile and the FAFSA, or, the Meadows Waiver Form as soon as possible

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