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RASC/a: M.A. in Art History

This is a 36-credit-hour program:

Thirty credit hours (30) are required in coursework; each course is worth three (3) credit hours. Twenty-one (21) of the 30 credit hours must be of seminar standing, that is, ARHS 5303 plus six additional seminars. 

During the first term of graduate study, a student must enroll for at least two seminar courses. 

The final six (6) credits must be taken in the form of a major research paper in the field of the student's strongest interest. This thesis will be presented at the conclusion of the student's M.A. work. Prior to enrollment for the thesis, each student must pass a translation examination in a language related to the field of his or her particular concentration. 

Each student will consult with the department's Director of Graduate Studies upon arrival. Subsequently, students will select permanent advisers and committees in their fields of special interest. Courses numbered 5000 or higher are graduate courses.

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RASC/a: M.A. in Art History

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