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Meadows Faculty Directory

Meadows faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their accomplishments as artists, performers, composers, scholars and educators. They combine strong academic credentials with extensive professional and artistic experience.

Name Department Title Email
Edwards, Steve Advertising Distinguished Chair, Professor of Advertising, and Director of the Temerlin Advertising Institute steve@smu.edu
Allen, Mark Advertising Lecturer mjallen@smu.edu
Andro, Elena Advertising Adjunct Lecturer  
Baronet, Willie Advertising Stan Richards Professor in Creative Advertising wbaronet@smu.edu
Benson, Amber Advertising Visiting Lecturer bensona@smu.edu
Dupuis, Allison Advertising Adjunct Lecturer allison@buzzshift.com
Edgar, Sandi Advertising Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing Coordinator sedgar@smu.edu
Hall, John H. Advertising Adjunct Lecturer jhhall@smu.edu
Huang, Yan Advertising Assistant Professor yanhuang@smu.edu
Kendrick, Alice Advertising Marriott Professor of Advertising akendric@smu.edu
La Ferle, Carrie Advertising Professor and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor laferle@smu.edu
Law, Gordon Advertising Adjunct Lecturer glaw@smu.edu
Lidji, Alan Advertising Adjunct Lecturer alidji@smu.edu
Mendenhall, Cheryl Advertising Senior Lecturer and Program Director for Graphic Design Minor cmendenhall@smu.edu
Morrison, Bryon Advertising Adjunct Lecturer bmorrison@smu.edu
Muralidharan, Sidharth Advertising Assistant Professor sidmurali@smu.edu
Noble, Peter-J.E. Advertising Professor of Practice, Graduate Program Coordinator noble@smu.edu
Shipp, Jason Advertising Adjunct Lecturer jshipp@smu.edu
Torres, Saul Advertising Adjunct Lecturer  
Yoon, Hye Jin Advertising Associate Professor hjyoon@smu.edu
Sullivan, James Art Professor and Interim Chair jsulliva@smu.edu
Clemmons, Melanie Art Assistant Professor mclemmons@smu.edu
Corris, Michael Art Professor mcorris@smu.edu
Fitzgerald, Barnaby Art Professor of Art bfitzger@smu.edu
Maxson, Eileen Art Senior Lecturer  
Molanphy, Brian Art Associate Professor bmolanphy@smu.edu
Van Keuren, Philip Art Professor of Art pvankeur@smu.edu
Woods, Lauren Art Visiting Assistant Professor lewoods@mail.smu.edu
Herring, Adam Art History The Emily Rich Summers Endowed Professor in Art History
Chair, Department of Art History
Director of Graduate Studies
Conduru, Roberto Art History Endowed Distinguished Professor of Art History  
Eager, Elizabeth Bacon Art History Assistant Professor  
Freund, Amy Art History Associate Professor and The Kleinheinz Family Endowment for the Arts and Education Endowed Chair in Art History (On research sabbatical 2017-18) afreund@smu.edu
Griffin, Randall Art History University Distinguished Professor randallg@smu.edu
Jasienski, Adam Art History Assistant Professor of Art History ajasienski@mail.smu.edu
Langin-Hooper, Stephanie Art History Assistant Professor and Karl Kilinski II Endowed Chair of Hellenic Visual Culture langinhooper@smu.edu
Lovatt, Anna Art History Marguerite Hoffman Scholar in Residence, 2014-17 annalovatt@smu.edu
Pon, Lisa Art History Professor of Art History lpon@smu.edu
Gallagher, B. Kathleen Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor bkgallagher@smu.edu
Hart, James Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Interim Chair, Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship; Director of Arts Entrepreneurship; Professor of Practice; and Director, Meadows Artist Bridge jdhart@mail.smu.edu
Davis, Janet Clarkson Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Adjunct Lecturer janetd@smu.edu
Mixtacki, Maureen A. Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Adjunct Lecturer  
Perez, Andrea Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Adjunct Lecturer anperez@smu.edu
Robinson, Jill Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Adjunct Professor jrobinson@trgarts.com
Voss, Zannie Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Professor; Director, National Center for Arts Research zvoss@smu.edu
Duhé, Sandra Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Chair of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Associate Professor, Director of Public Relations sduhe@smu.edu
Eaddy, LaShonda L. Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Assistant Professor, Public Relations and Strategic Communication leaddy@smu.edu
Hall, Maria Dixon Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Associate Professor and Director of Mustang Consulting madixon@smu.edu
Kirk, Rita Corporate Communication and Public Affairs William F. May Endowed Director, Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs
Faculty-in-Residence, Armstrong Commons
Lee, Steve Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Professor of Practice srlee@smu.edu
Lynch, Owen Hanley Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Associate Professor and Director of Honors Program and SMU London Internships olynch@smu.edu
Martin, Stephanie A. Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Assistant Professor samartin@smu.edu
Salinas, Christopher Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Senior Lecturer and Director of Public Discourse cdsalinas@smu.edu
Voth, Ben Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Director of Debate and Speech
Associate Professor
Greenberg, Ira Creative Computation Director, Center of Creative Computation and Professor, Computer Science and Engineering igreenberg@smu.edu
Brown, Courtney Creative Computation Assistant Professor browncd@smu.edu
Chen, Zizhen Creative Computation Adjunct Instructor zizhenc@smu.edu
Smith, David Gail Creative Computation Adjunct Undergraduate Lecturer dgsmith@smu.edu
Harrington Delaney, Patty Dance Associate Professor and Chair of Dance pharring@smu.edu
Alexander, Carter Dance Visiting Artist-in-Residence  
Berg, Shelley Dance Professor sberg@smu.edu
Coleman, Brandi Dance Artist-in-Residence bcoleman@mail.smu.edu
Dolder, Christopher Dance Associate Professor cdolder@smu.edu
Ham, Christopher Dance Director of Dance Production cmham@smu.edu
Peck, Leslie Dance Associate Professor peckl@smu.edu
Westwick, Anne Dance Lecturer awestwick@smu.edu
Woodruff, Myra Dance Professor of Dance woodruff@smu.edu
Kompare, Derek Film and Media Arts Chair and Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts dkompare@smu.edu
Bemak, Amber Film and Media Arts Assistant Professor abemak@smu.edu
Griffin, Sean Film and Media Arts Professor spgriffi@mail.smu.edu
Heffernan, Kevin Film and Media Arts Associate Professor kheffern@smu.edu
Helppie, Sally Film and Media Arts Adjunct Professor shelppie@smu.edu
Hutcheson, Tearlach Film and Media Arts Adjunct Lecturer  
Kerins, Mark Film and Media Arts Associate Professor mkerins@smu.edu
Perkins, Troy Film and Media Arts Associate Professor tperkins@smu.edu
Sedman, David Film and Media Arts Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts dsedman@smu.edu
Worland, Rick Film and Media Arts Professor rworland@smu.edu
Pederson, Tony Journalism Professor and The Belo Foundation Endowed Distinguished Chair in Journalism tpederso@smu.edu
Batsell, Jake Journalism Associate Professor jbatsell@smu.edu
Evans, Valerie Roberts Journalism Professor of Practice vaevans@mail.smu.edu
Hackett, Pam Harris Journalism Broadcast Executive-in-Residence phackett@smu.edu
Hart, Robert Journalism Adjunct Lecturer robert@roberthart.com
Houston, Michele Journalism Professor of Practice and Studio Manager mhouston@smu.edu
Kavakci, Elif Journalism Adjunct Professor ekavakci@smu.edu
Kraeplin, Camille Journalism Associate Professor Kraeplin@smu.edu
Leavell, Linda Journalism Adjunct Lecturer lleavell@mail.smu.edu
McKenzie, William Journalism Adjunct Lecturer wmckenzie@smu.edu
Schroeder, Jared Journalism Assistant Professor jcschroeder@mail.smu.edu
Smart, Lauren Journalism Professor of Practice; Faculty Adviser to smudailycampus.com lsmart@smu.edu
Suhler, Jayne Journalism Professor of Practice jsuhler@mail.smu.edu
Taylor, Jean-Jacques Journalism Adjunct Lecturer jeanjacquest@mail.smu.edu
Thomas, Karen Journalism Professor of Practice kthomas@smu.edu
Mancini, David Music Director, Division of Music,
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Achucarro, Joaquin Music Professor of Piano, Joel Estes Tate Chair jachucar@smu.edu
Adkins, Christopher Music Adjunct Professor of Cello tygaar@sbcglobal.net
Allen, Sarah Music Associate Professor of Music Education sarahallen@smu.edu
Anderson, Christopher S. Music Associate Professor of Sacred Music csander@smu.edu
Anthony, Ryan Music Head of Brass and Winds ryantrumpet@aol.com
Baron, Deborah Music Adjunct Assistant Professor of Flute dlbaron23@aol.com
Bentley, Brian Music Adjunct Lecturer and Vocal Coach bdbentley@smu.edu
Borok, Emanuel Music Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, Violin eborok@swbell.net
Boyd, Aaron Music Director of Chamber Music, Professor of Practice in Violin
Interim Head of Strings
Bryant, John Music Adjunct Lecturer, Drum Set and Analysis of Music Production jbryant@smu.edu
Corbet, Kim Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, Jazz/Rock History/Interdisciplinary Studies kimcorbet@gmail.com
Delaney, Jack Music Director of Bands and Professor of Music
Chair of Instrumental Ensembles
Diaz, Andres Music Professor of Cello adiaz@smu.edu
Dietert, Dale Music Senior Lecturer in Voice ddietert@smu.edu
Dupuy, Virginia Music Professor, Voice vdupuy@smu.edu
Elrod Huffman, Pamela Music Associate Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities pelrod@smu.edu
Engels, Stefan Music Leah Young Fullinwider Centennial Chair in Music Performance and Professor of Organ sengels@smu.edu
Fabian, Donald Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Saxophone dfabian@smu.edu
Feezell, Mark Music Senior Lecturer in Music Theory and Composition, Co-Chair of Music Theory and Composition mfeezell@smu.edu
Forbis, Clifton Music Professor and Chair of Voice hforbis@smu.edu
Frank, Robert Music Associate Professor of Composition and Theory robfrank@smu.edu
Garner, Paul Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Clarinet garner@smu.edu
Georgievskaya, Liudmila Music Adjunct Lecturer in Piano and Coordinator of Accompanying lgeorgievs@smu.edu
Good, Matthew Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Tuba mgood@smu.edu
Gunter, Kevin Music Senior Lecturer, Coordinator of Class Piano, Co-Director, SMU Institute for Young Pianists kgunter@smu.edu
Guthrie, Robert Music Adjunct Professor of Guitar rguthrie@smu.edu
Hammett, Hank Music Director of Opera, Senior Lecturer
Chair of Vocal Ensembles
Hanlon, Kevin Music Associate Professor-Composition Theory khanlon@smu.edu
Hannigan, Erin Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Oboe Dallasoboe@att.net
Harder, Lane Music Senior Lecturer in Music Theory and Composition, Co-Chair of Music Theory and Composition, Director of SYGYZY lharder@mail.smu.edu
Henson, Nora Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Music Education  
Holland, Sam Music Algur H. Meadows Dean and Professor of Music sholland@smu.edu
Hoops, Haley Music Adjunct Lecturer of Horn hshoops@gmail.com
Horne, Derrick Music Professor of Practice in Music
Director of the Meadows Jazz Orchestra
Hustis, Gregory Music Adjunct Professor of Horn gjhustis@att.net
Hwang, Hyae-jin Music Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy hyaejinh@smu.edu
Jackson, Lynne Music Adjunct Assistant Professor in Music Education lynjck@aol.com
Karp, David Music Professor of Piano dkarp@smu.edu
King, Camille Music Adjunct Assistant Professor of Voice camillek@smu.edu
Kirkendoll Welch, Kara Music Adjunct Associate Professor, Flute welch@smu.edu
Kitzman, Diane Music Adjunct Associate Professor, Violin Kitzman.diane@yahoo.com
Kitzman, John Music Adjunct Professor, Trombone jktrb@swbell.net
Kupfer, Peter Music Assistant Professor of Music History pkupfer@smu.edu
Lang, Drew Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, Percussion and Co-Coordinator of Percussion Studies dlang@smu.edu
Larson Garver, Jean Music Adjunct Professor, Flute jeangarver@sbcglobal.net
Lederer, Thomas Music Adjunct Associate Professor-Double Bass tlederer@smu.edu
Lee, Jon Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, Director of Percussion Ensemble
Co-Coordinator of Percussion Studies
Leone, Carol Music Professor of Piano, Chair of Piano Studies cleone@smu.edu
Lindstrom, Janice Music Visiting Lecturer in Music Therapy jlindstrom@smu.edu
Lively, Michael Music Visiting Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Composition mtlively@smu.edu
Lysinger, Catharine Music Professor of Practice, Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Piano Preparatory Department
Coordinator of Piano Performance and Pedagogy
Matthews, David Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, English Horn davidmatthews7@gmail.com
Mohamed, Jamal Music Adjunct Lecturer, Director of the Meadows World Music Ensemble; Instructor: Percussion Ensemble, Hand Drumming and Ethnic Percussion jmohmed@smu.edu
Moore, Barbara Hill Music Professor of Voice bhmoore@smu.edu
Mouledous, Alfred Music Professor of Piano  
Murray, Melissa Murchison Music Senior Lecturer, Music Theory
Associate Director, Division of Music
Nakamura, Naoko Music Adjunct Assistant Professor of Harp nnakamura@smu.edu
Perry, Brian Music Adjunct Assistant Professor, Double Bass bnperry@smu.edu
Phillips, Paul Music Professor of Music, Martha Raley Peak Endowed Centennial Chair, and Director of Orchestral Activities paulp@smu.edu
Raden, Gregory Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Clarinet gregraden@verizon.net
Richman, James Music Adjunct Lecturer, Harpsichord jrichman@smu.edu
Roberts, Wilfred Music Adjunct Professor, Bassoon  
Rose, Ellen Music Adjunct Associate Professor, Viola erose@smu.edu
Schmidt, Paul Music Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music Education pschmidt@smu.edu
Scott, Julie Music Professor of Practice and Co-Chair of Music Education scottj@smu.edu
Smith, Ed Music Adjunct Lecturer, Vibraphone esmith@smu.edu
Smith, Jason Music Senior Lecturer and Vocal Coach jasonsmith@smu.edu
Sudweeks, Barbara Music Adjunct Professor, Viola linxinmeng@sbcglobal.net
Tague, Daniel Music Assistant Professor and Chair of Music Therapy dtague@smu.edu
Troyka, Frank Music Adjunct Associate Professor of Music Education ftroyka@smu.edu
Whitelaw, Laureen L. Music Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology lwhitelaw@smu.edu
Wnuk, PaweĊ‚ Music Professor of Practice in Bassoon and Instrumental Music pwnuk@smu.edu
Xi, Wang Music Associate Professor of Music Composition and Theory WangXi@smu.edu
Wojewodski, Jr., Stanley Theatre Distinguished Professor of Theatre, Chair, Division of Theatre stanw@smu.edu
Askew, Dawn Theatre Master Electrician; Adjunct Lecturer daskew@smu.edu
Blair, Rhonda Theatre Professor rblair@smu.edu
Blasé, Linda Theatre Adjunct Faculty blase1@att.net
Cassil, Brad Theatre Lecturer, Head of Stage Management  
Connolly, Michael Theatre Associate Professor mconnoll@mail.smu.edu
Cummings, Benard Theatre Associate Professor abcummings@smu.edu
Dana, Kristi Theatre Assistant Professor, Voice and Speech kdana@smu.edu
Grasselli, Marsha Theatre Production Manager, Lecturer  
Hackler, Blake Theatre Associate Professor jhackler@smu.edu
Hofeditz, Kevin Paul Theatre Professor and Senior Associate Dean hofeditz@smu.edu
Leary, Steve Theatre Assistant Technical Director, Adjunct Instructor sleary@smu.edu
Lengfelder, Bill Theatre Professor lengfeld@smu.edu
Panzarello, Melissa Theatre Costume Shop Manager, Adjunct Instructor mpanzarello@smu.edu
Parkman, Russell Theatre Associate Professor rparkman@smu.edu
Piechocki, Steven Theatre Projections and Media Specialist, Associate Master Electrician, Adjunct Instructor spiechocki@smu.edu
Romersberger, Sara Theatre Associate Professor sromer@smu.edu
Schilling, Anne Theatre Associate Professor aschilling@smu.edu
Smith, Gretchen Theatre Associate Professor, Head of Theatre Studies gesmith@mail.smu.edu
Stephens, Claudia Theatre Associate Professor cstephen@smu.edu
Vaeni, Kara-Lynn Theatre Assistant Professor kvaeni@smu.edu
Windrow, Kathy Theatre Adjunct Faculty kathyw@smu.edu
Woods, Steve Theatre Professor, Head of Stage Design stevew@smu.edu

Please Note: Below faculty listings are in constant revision and for up to date information contact Meadows department individually.

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