Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller, former Southern Methodist University (SMU) student, became the first graduate of SMU-Lyle’s Master of Science in Datacenter Systems Engineering program (M.S. DSE) in December, 2015. As a strategist and designer for SMU’s datacenter, now a 25,000 square foot facility housing one of the nation’s fastest academic supercomputers, Jesse chose to pursue Lyle’s M.S. DSE degree to learn more about datacenters, expand his expertise in operations management, and build a greater understanding of networks and data analytics.

“My education and involvement in datacenters, telecommunications, data networking, and information security technologies in combination with the DSE curriculum have allowed me to contribute to the datacenter ecosystem while serving in a multi-disciplinary role,” stated Miller. “Currently, I am a senior principle systems engineer at Raytheon, responsible for architecting advanced solutions incorporating datacenter facilities, virtualization, cloud computing, and information security technologies for domestic and international opportunities.

“Because these components are tightly integrated into the datacenter environment, the DSE program provided me with an opportunity to leverage the skills and knowledge I gained from my previous degrees,” Miller continued. With a strong foundation in business, telecommunications, and software development underpinning his educational journey and career trajectory, Miller approached the DSE program from both the technical and the managerial perspectives. His insights paid off. 

Now on a multi-month international assignment with his present employer, Miller is uniquely positioned with the technical depth and breadth of a multidisciplinary degree to succeed in a complex industry.  “This program provides the opportunity to specialize in an area outside your comfort zone, to explore research topics, and gain a better appreciation of the inter-relationships of the technologies existing within datacenters,” Miller added.

In addition to his M.S. in datacenter systems engineering, he holds an MBA in finance from Cox, an M.S. in telecommunications systems management from Lyle, and a B.S. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. 

About SMU’s Datacenter Systems Engineering Program

SMU-Lyle launched the Master of Science with a major in Datacenter Systems Engineering in the fall of 2014. This niche degree, addressing an unfulfilled need to build professional growth consistent with modern datacenter engineering practices and emerging transformations, is designed to give current professionals and students preparing to enter the field a working knowledge of the industry and the skills necessary to excel as technical contributors or more broadly as managers.

The first degree of its kind in the United States, Lyle’s M.S. DSE is open to full-time and part-time students both on the Dallas campus and enrolled in SMU-Lyle’s distance education program. The master’s degree centers on five core courses and offers specialization in four areas: facilities infrastructure management; data engineering and analytics; networks, virtualization and security; and business, offered through a partnership with SMU’s Cox School of Business.

With roughly 70 datacenters located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, SMU-Lyle is positioned to play a substantial role in educating datacenter systems engineers. Whether students who enroll in the M.S. DSE program are planning to enhance their skills individually or as members of a leadership team, the program provides the background and expertise necessary to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving, critical constituency.

Learn more about the M.S. DSE program visit http://www.smu.edu/Lyle/Departments/Multidisciplinary/MastersProgram/DSE.


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