Dr. Klyne Smith Awarded Grant to Help Develop Quantum-Resistant Cyber Solutions for U.S. Air Force

Dr. Smith will provide valuable insights to research and identify potential military use cases for groundbreaking Voice over Internet Protocol encryption techniques developed by SENTRIQS


Dr. Klyne Smith, associate professor of computer science and datacenter systems program director at SMU Lyle, and SENTRIQS have been awarded a second $110,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to address cybersecurity challenges posed by quantum computers.

While the first grant focused on data security, the new grant – provided through the Small Business Technology Transfer program – will support development of groundbreaking quantum-resistant Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions specifically designed for mobile phone integration.

“Protecting mobile audio communications from the quantum threat is crucial,” said Dr. Smith, who is the research principal for the grant. “The solution developed by SENTRIQS will implement quantum-resistant protocols, ensuring the security of voice communications."

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SENTRIQS, a leading innovator in secure communication technologies, developed a system that will bring groundbreaking encryption techniques to VoIP across a broader array of platforms, extending the range of traditional point-to-point radio communications while simultaneously hardening them to the threat posed by future quantum computers.

Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics to process data at speeds a million times faster than supercomputers. The technology could threaten the security of sensitive military communications by rendering current encryption methods obsolete. It can also potentially provide adversaries with significant technological advantages and transform the landscape of strategic and operational planning.

“Quantum computing technology can increase the ability to hack secure systems,” Dr. Smith said. “It allows you to process transactions at an exponential rate compared to current computing power. Systems on the other side should be built to respond appropriately.”

Dr. Smith will provide valuable industry insights to research and identify potential military use cases for the technology, along with introductions to military prime contractors interested in prototyping and testing the system.

“It is a pleasure to partner with SENTRIQS to develop cutting-edge cyber solutions that will add new capabilities for our military,” Dr. Smith said. “We are just getting started with this technology, since the Small Business Technology Transfer program encourages businesses to expand these innovations to the commercial sector as well.”

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