Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Help shape the future in a field where extraordinary advances are announced every day. The discipline of Electrical and Computer Engineering lies at the core of today’s technology-driven society. Personal computers, computer-communications networks, integrated circuits, optical technologies, digital signal processors and wireless communications systems have revolutionized the way people live and work.

Computer engineers are in high demand for these industries:

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems

Create systems that navigate and adapt to their environment, gaining expertise in machine learning, image processing and human-machine interaction.


Advance technology that improves human health and healthcare by designing devices, systems, and software.


Design the ingredients for every type of electrical system, developing new technologies or improving existing ones.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree Programs


Bachelor's Programs

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biomedical specialization
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering specialization
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering specialization

Online Master's Programs

Online Network Engineering

Master's Programs

Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Network Engineering
Quantum Engineering

 Ph.D. Programs

Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Dual Degree Programs

Computer Engineering + MBA
Electrical Engineering + MBA
Network Engineering + MBA

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Mission

Through quality instruction and scholarly research, to engage each student in a challenging electrical and computer engineering education that prepares graduates for the full range of career opportunities in the high-technology marketplace and enables them to reach their fullest potential as a professional and as a member of society.