General Information

The Lyle School offers over 27 different master and doctoral programs, which can be viewed on our Graduate Programs page.
You can contact Rebecca Lothringer if you are interested in a graduate program and Karla Hernandez if you are interested in an undergraduate program.
When a student receives admission to the Lyle School of Engineering it will be stated in the offer letter if they have been awarded funding (which is in the application portal). Financial assistance is available to students via teaching and research assistant ships. These are limited and highly competitive. If interested, students must contact departments and faculty directly to see if there are any open positions.
To view the most update information on tuition and fees you can visit the SMU Bursars Office website.


For the application review process we accept unofficial transcripts. However, once admitted you must submit official transcripts with degree conferral. They can be brought to orientation or to our office Caruth Hall Suite 239 during your first semester. 
ALL post-secondary transcripts. Any and all after attending high school. If you transferred schools or attended community college we need them all on file. This is for university purposes. 
No you do not. We have in-house staff who complete this for your application and add it to your file. 
Degree Conferral means that your graduation date has been granted on your transcript. Transcripts will show expected graduation dates until the conferred date is awarded. 
An enrollment hold will be place on a students account after the first semester and will not be removed until transcripts are received. 
Transcripts can be sent digitally through transcript services and/or other universities. Or they may be mailed to SMU. 

The Lyle School of Engineering does not house transcripts. So, if they are sent to a Lyle School address it will delay your application review process. Please send all transcripts to gradappmaterials@smu.edu or to Mailing Address:

SMU Graduate Application Processing
PO Box 750518
Dallas, TX 75275-0518


For Spring 2021 forward we are in a new application system, Engineering CAS. Click here to apply.
If you are seeking or required to have an F-1 or J-1 student visa, you’re considered an international applicant. If you are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident in the U.S., H1, or H4 visa holder, you are considered a domestic applicant and should use the domestic application. Any other visa holder or applicant should apply using the international student application.
Deadlines can be viewed here
No. There are no waivers for the $75 application fee. It can be paid in the portal after you apply. We accept both credit and debit cards.
You can view your programs specific requirements here.
Test scores need to be received by the university officially. This includes GRE scores and English proficiency test scores (i.e. TOEFL, IETLS, and Duolingo).
Yes, if you are applying for a Ph.D. or D.E., three (3) letters of recommendation are required. Letters of recommendation are optional for MS and MA applicants. 
If you have any research experience or have had an internship that would be something to add. 
It is a short one page document that tells us why you are interest in the program, why you are a good fit, and what you would like to do with the degree. 
You will receive emails from us when your application moves into it's next steps. 
Once your application is submitted and we have all required materials the process typically takes 3-4 weeks. At the peak of review season it can take a bit longer. 
Please email your items with your first and last name and application number to gradappmaterials@smu.edu.

Scores (GRE, TOEFL, etc.)

Departmental Reviewers are looking at the Quantitative Score in 80% percentile or higher. This is roughly around a score of 163 at this current time. ETS clearly states that GRE percentiles are based on the mean of the number of test takers. For more information click here.
Some work experience is accepted for waiver. However, you will need to contact your intended academic department for a waiver request.
An exemption is made only for those who can provide proof of study of at least two years or four consecutive semesters from either a US, Australian, New Zealand, or UK institution. You can have this requirement waiver by contacting Rebecca Lothringer.
The institution code for SMU is 6660. No department code is required. 
Test scores need to be received by the university officially. This includes GRE scores and English proficiency test scores (i.e. TOEFL, IETLS, and Duolingo).

TOFEL - 80

IETLS - 6.5 Band Score

Duolingo - 110 minimum


If you would like to know more about why you were denied admission, contact Rebecca Lothringer for information on the appeal process and/or reapplying. 
You will need to accept your offer in your application portal. 
No there is no deadline to accept. However, for international students accepting your offer starts the I-20 process. Students must then accept in a timely manner to complete those next steps.
No deposit required.
Orientation is held a week before classes begin. You will receive further information via email from the Lyle Graduate Office. 
These are tasks that are completed by a different office on campus. Please reach out to SMU OIT.
Your advisor information should be in your offer letter. If not please contact Rebecca Lothringer.
9 credit hours.

Additional International Info

Conditional Admission is an offer of Admission to the Lyle School of Engineering with terms. This offer is ONLY given to applications who have submitted official scores, been reviewed by the intended academic department, and had a decision made on their application file. 
After accepting your offer a new check-list will appear in your portal (sometimes you need to log back in) this check-list will include the items to submit for review before the I-20 can be requested. 

There could be two reason for this:

  1. You have not set up your E-Ship Global Account.
  2. You have not looked in your SMU email account for information from the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office. 
Please contact ISSS at isss@smu.edu.
After you have been awarded admission. This is one of the checklist items needed for the I-20. 
The minimum that must be shown is $48,774.
No, you may upload your offer letter showing the funding and the minimum will be adjusted. 
If you are seeking dependent visas for your spouse/minor children, you will need to provide additional documentation of financial support in the amount of $8,000 for your first dependent and $4,000 for each additional dependent. 
International students are permitted to enroll in one online course or a 3-credit hour course that counts towards the student’s full-time enrollment requirement. In other words, graduate students will need to be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours of in-person courses.
You can visit the ISSS website for CPT information.
You can contact Rebecca Lothringer, Director of Recruitment and Retention.