SMU Lyle School of Engineering Scholarships

A limited number of undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available to students admitted to SMU Lyle.

Undergraduate Scholarships – Incoming First-Year Students

In addition to merit scholarships available through the SMU Enrollment and Financial Aid Offices, admitted incoming first-year students may apply for a limited number of scholarships awarded by SMU Lyle School of Engineering. The scholarships are awarded for eight - consecutive fall and spring semesters and require recipients to pursue an engineering or computer science degree.

Undergraduate Scholarships – Continuing Students  

Students who meet specific major, GPA or other donor-specified requirements may apply for one or multi-semester scholarships as they are available. The number of continuing student scholarships is limited, and applications are reviewed each semester.

Graduate Scholarships 

A limited number of department, program, and donor-based scholarships are available for students pursuing advanced degrees in SMU Lyle. Please see the Office of Recruitment and Retention for more information.

Engineering and Computer Science Work Programs
SMU Lyle students may participate in internships and co-ops to earn funds for college expenses and gain engineering and computer science skills. The average internship and co-op salaries range from $25 to $40 hours. Please visit the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership to learn more about internships and the Co-op Program.