Paying for Law School

Fall 2018 Tuition Due Date

The due date for the Fall 2018 Dedman School of Law tuition and fees is August 27, 2018.  Please see the information regarding Financial Aid both in the Summer Packet and below. 

Incoming students - J.D. Scholarship Opportunities

All admitted students are automatically considered for an academic scholarship. If you are awarded an academic scholarship, you will be notified at the time of your admission. The terms of your scholarship will be included in your scholarship letter.

As a general rule, SMU does not negotiate scholarship offers, nor do we adjust awards based on other offers received. You may request a one-time reconsideration of your scholarship offer. Do not request reconsideration until you have received all other offers. Incomplete or multiple requests will not be considered. SMU will not adjust awards based on prestige/rankings of other schools/offers.

To request reconsideration, please return this completed form to the Admissions Office at, along with copies of offers you have received from other law schools.

2018 Scholarship Reconsideration Request Form

Private Scholarships

We also have several private scholarships that require separate applications. Please visit the Scholarships and Loans page for more information and links to the the applications.

Continuing students - J.D. Scholarship Opportunities and Writing Competitions

There may be the possibility of private scholarships awarded by private foundations during your law school career. You will receive e-mail notices when the school is contacted about these outside scholarship opportunities. You may also want to click on the additional scholarship link above to see a listing of current student scholarships and an archive of past private scholarships.
There are several opportunities during the academic year for students to compete in writing competitions with monetary awards and many also include an opportunity to present a paper at regional, national, or international conferences.

As the school becomes aware of these competitions, you will be notified and provided with a link to the relevant information. You can also review the writing competitions archive to obtain information on competitions that were available in the past and which may be available in the future.

Financial Aid Information (J.D., LL.M. Taxation, and LL.M. General students)

Before contacting the Financial Aid Office about student loans, you need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). SMU's FAFSA Code is 003613. Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks after you file the FAFSA to receive your award notice. 

Financial Aid Award Notices will be sent after April 1. Once the awarding process begins, it will continue on a weekly basis throughout the remainder of the year. If you have been awarded a scholarship by the Admissions Office, it will be incorporated into your total financial aid award package, which will also include your Federal and State aid eligibility. Please note all communications from SMU Financial Aid will be sent to your SMU email. Updates to the awarding schedule can be seen on the Financial Aid section of your Student Homepage on  For more information on what to do, please review the Financial Aid Checklist.

There will be three types of aid that make up your financial aid package (Scholarship/Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan/Additional loan eligibility). The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan amount is $20,500 and it is a non-credit based loan. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan will be awarded annually assuming there are no changes made to the eligibility or administrative rules for this program.  Additional loan eligibility can be in the form of a Federal GradPLUS or a Private Alternative Loan through a private lender.  For information on how to apply for one of these loans, please review the 2018-2019 Guide to Financial Assistance.

Financial aid

You can check the status of your financial aid award package online through the Financial Aid section of your Student Homepage on Log in using your 8-DIGIT SMU student ID and self-created password and then click on the Financial Aid title.

Contact Financial Aid

For further information on financial aid and loans visit the SMU DIVISION OF ENROLLMENT SERVICES or call 214-768-3417.  You can also reach Charmissa Edmun-Haynes, Senior Financial Aid Advisor for Graduate Programs at SMU, at 214-768-3348 or