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The new Contract Administration process was approved and went live on April 15, 2015.

The goals of the initiative are to:

  • process contracts in a timely and cost effective manner
  • maintain standard contract templates for use across campus
  • provide constructive input on legal contract documents relating to purchasing items, conditions, indemnification, intellectual property, etc.
  • manage complex processes across functions, including legal and risk
  • address vendor performance issues
  • manage the contract tracking software

Independent Contractors

Changes to current process implemented for 2017 services

  • Classification will be determined by the Tax Department
  • Revised checklist for services performed in 2017 (see link below)

  • Section A - Drop down features for some fields on electronic form
  • Sections B and C - Changes to questions
  • Section D – Statement of work required 
  • Section D – Specific dates of services require that if a date range is entered that the number of times worker will be used,  estimated dates of service and total expected costs must be provided

A statement of work is a document that lists the project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines for an individual providing service to SMU.  Below are tips to writing a statement work and also an optional statement of work template.   

Tips - Writing a Statement of Work

Statement of Work Template

Review the SMU Policy

Policy on Contracts and Commitments 

A central contract lead will facilitate the process for specific areas on campus.  These identified employees are called Contract Leads and will receive specialized training on the administration software and best practices.  They will also become part of a community of practice to share information and learn from each other.  Contract leads will work with their area to process and track the contracts.

Contract leads are identified as:



Mariah Chappell

Kris Harris - Athletic Facilities

Business Finance

Sandra Tefft - Office of Facilities Planning and Management

Shannon Brown - Director of Purchasing 

Denton Bricker - Campus Services

Tamara Hurdle - Campus Services

Central University Libraries

Meg Ruckman

Cox School of Business

Catherine Collins

Dedman College

Cindy Havens

Dedman School of Law

Betty Alexander

Joelyn Crisp - Deason Justice Center

Development and External Affairs

Cchea Nugent

Lyle School of Engineering

Dee Dee Conway 

Meadows School of the Arts

David Sedman

 Patrick Jeffreys - DataArts

 Meadows Museum

 Bridget Marx

Anne Lenhart

Robin Linek


Moody College

 Jean Nixon

Office of Information Technology

George Finney
Jacqueline McKethan

Office of Research Administration

Ruth Lozano

Perkins School of Theology

Reba Gram
Andy Keck
Teresa Rosado (Perkins Chapel)



Daniel Eady

Kimberly Rutigliano (CAPE)

Simmons School of Education and Human Development

Becky Hood

Kathryn Canterbury (Research)

Pamela Bailey (Core)

Student Affairs

Lydia Dale


Dianne Jopling

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