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Grant and Contract Accounting

Grant and Contract Accounting

The Grant and Contract Accounting department manages the financial component of the University's externally funded research, public service, and other separately budgeted projects. 

Grant and Contract Accounting ensures compliance with University Policies and Procedures as well as those of the sponsoring organization by:

  • Reviewing and approving all financial transactions on sponsored projects.
  • Approving all new and incremental funding for sponsored projects and setting them up in the University's financial systems.
  • Providing billing, collections, and financial reporting services for all sponsored projects.
  • Serving as liaison to outside auditors examining the University's sponsored projects.
  • Providing advice and support to Financial Officers and Principal Investigators/Project Directors in the financial conduct of their sponsored projects.
  • Conducting the University's Indirect Cost Study at required intervals.

Our office is located in the Perkins Administration Building, Room 205

The Grant and Contract Accounting staff and their responsibilities/assignments are as follows:

 David Ewing  Director  214-768-3761
 Tonya Kimble  Mechanical Engineering (ME)   214-768-2649
   Caruth Institute    
   Deason Institute    
 Perkins School of Theology  
 Cox School of Business

 Dedman School of Law    
   Provost (areas within)
 Louise Brummett       Simmons School of Education
   Lyle School of Engineering (except ME / Deason / Caruth)  
   Meadows School of the Arts
 Venus Long  Dedman College  214-768-4634 
 Jamie Barrett
 Billing, Financial & Labor Reporting, Award Set-Up
 Kim Orcutt
 Administrative Assistant